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Rainbow Member Jae Kyung Takes 3 Cute Polaroid Self-Cameras Of Herself!

August 02, 2012 03:59 AM EDT

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rainbow jaekyung / Credit: jaekyung twitter

Rainbow Jae Kyung recently revealed 3 polaroid various photos of her looking cute.

Jae Kyung revealed the photos on Tuesday through her Twitter and wrote, "Fighting to today as well!"

In the photos, Jae Kyung is seen with one side of her hair braided while doing various poses such as doing the victory "v" with her fingers, sticking her tongue out, and blowing a kiss displaying her cute charm.

Internet users who saw her picture commented, "She's a total beauty even when taking selcas," "I wonder how pretty she is in real life after seeing her polaroid pictures," and "Totally a goddess beauty."

Photo Credit: Jae Kyung Twitter

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