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K-Pop Mixtape: Idols Sing For Dramas & Soundtracks

By Nikole S. | October 04, 2014 05:59 PM EDT


Many of us know the title songs from our favorite K-Pop idol's albums, but every so often an individual from that idol group will make a foray into the world of acting.

Some idols are more experienced in acting at this point while others are still considered rookies. Even so, these acting idols can expect some support from their fellow members, friends, and label mates. How do they express their support you may ask? Why, through song, of course!

Here is a mixtape of popular drama soundtrack songs sung by our favorite idols:

"Stand by Me" by SHINee's Onew
Drama: Boys Over Flowers

We were graced with Onew's honey voice throughout almost the entirety of the legendary drama. It is one of the more popular OST songs in our K-Drama history textbook. Here's a few more to check out!

"Love is Like a Snowlake" - JYJ's Junsu
Drama: Nice Guy

"The Best Luck" - EXO's Chen
Drama: It's Okay, That's Love

"Cupid" - Girl's Day
Drama: City Hunter

"Journey" - by TVXQ!
Drama: Paradise Ranch

"Do It" - Sunny Hill
Drama: I Love Lee Tae Ri

"Crazy of You" - SISTAR's Hyorin
Drama: Master's Sun

Though most of the tracks on this OST were originals or remakes, Reply 1997 made sure to capture the feelings of those who lived through and remember those special 90's

"All for you" - Seo In-guk and Jung Eunji
Drama: Reply 1997

When it comes to support from fellow label mate, there's no way we could leave out the official OST for 'To the Beautiful You.'

SM Entertainment made sure to showcase their artist's voices for the OST as the entire track list is by idols housed in SM. J-Min, Dana and members of Girls' Generation, f(x), SHINee, and Super Junior gave supporting vocals for the drama.

And of course we have K-Drama OST Queens; LYN, Davichi, Baek Ji Young, Yoon Mi Rae.

Davichi has been lending their vocals year after year since 2008. Not year goes by that you don't their angelic voices singing in the background in a kiss scene or the moment the second lead gets their heart torn apart.

Song: "Because it's You"
Drama: BIG

Song: "Farewell is Coming"
Drama: Haeundae Lovers

LYN and Yoon Mi Rae shook our hearts with their riveting vocals in two recent and quite popular dramas that have aired in the recent years. Both singers even had tracks for the recently concluded drama "It's Okay, That's Love".

"It's Okay, That's Love" - Davichi
Drama: It's Okay, That's Love

"I Love You" - Yoon Mi Rae
Drama: It's Okay, That's Love

But we sure can't forget their previous works.

"My Destiny" - LYN
Drama: My Love from Another Star

Song: "Touch Love" - Yoon Mi Rae
Drama: Master's Sun

Baek Ji Young helped with the official OST of Secret Garden, another unforgettable drama as well.

"That Woman"
Drama: Secret Garden

"After a Long Time"
Drama: Rooftop Prince

What's your favorite drama OST? Let us know in the comment section below!

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