Jessica Confirms She Was Forced Out Of Girls' Generation By The Other Members

On October 1, former Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung delivered an official statement through a press release regarding the circumstances which prompted her to be removed from the popular girl group.

According to Jessica, she was told to leave SNSD on September 29, due to disputes over her personal company.

In the press release reported by eNews Jessica stated, “On September 29, I was told to leave SNSD and I couldn't hide my confusion or pain.”

Jessica went on to express her frustration with the situation by stating, “Despite my hard work and dedication for the team, I was given notice to leave the team from the company.”

Jessica then started to explain how the establishment of her company BLANC was initially accepted by SM Entertainment and the eight members of Girls’ Generation. "Since the beginning stages of business preparations until recently, I have sufficiently discussed and received understanding from SM and the members on more than one occasion,” she said.

Jessica also provided context to her departure, by stating that her removal was prompted by the eight other members of the group.

According to Jessica, her problems with SM Entertainment and Girls’ Generation escalated a month after BLANC launched. Jessica stated, “The members suddenly changed their stances in early September and called a meeting, and without proper reason, told me to either quit my business or leave SNSD.”

Her statement provides reasons contradictory to rumors that Jessica departed from Girls’ Generation due to her relationship with businessman Tyler Kwon.

Jessica then went on to express her distress over the situation, which culminated in her expulsion from Girls’ Generation, a group which she invested fifteen out of twenty-five years of her life.

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