K-Pop Review: 'Midnight Sun' by B2ST

BEAST made an impressive comeback with their 5th album, Midnight Sun, promising to show us a brand spanking new image, and following through. BEAST  has made a solid career with the dark, and beastly genre of music they've been releasing since their 2nd mini album, Shock Of The New Era, but this time around they took on a happier, party ready image especially with their title track, "Beautiful Night.


"Midnight" was the preview/prologue track for the album. This is a beautiful song and one of the songs closest to the dark BEAST we've seen until now. All the members' vocals we're perfection. However, I can't say that this song was one of  their most memorable. It was great to listen to, and well written, but when compared to all their songs so far it doesn't have anything to make it one of the stand outs.

I have to be honest the theme video, the beginning of the song do reminded me a little bit of Big Bang's "Blue." I am not crying plagiarism but there are times while listening to this song that I think of "Blue."

"It's a Beautiful Night"

BEAST has stayed true to their promise of a 180 degree change. With "It's a Beautiful Night" they have gone from being gloomy, and longing for their lost loves to being bright, and happy, and ready for a party. BEAST has made one of the best, or maybe THE best, transformation of the year, and I definitely like seeing, AND hearing this new upbeat, partying in the streets BEAST.

This change we see from BEAST reminds me a lot of 2PM's attempt to reinvent themselves, and drop their serious, and beastly images with "Hands Up," and when I compare the two, 2PM needs to take some serious notes.

"It's Not Me"

"It's Not Me" is a definite nod to what BEAST usually does in their music, but it still maintains the fresh vibe of the album. The spanish guitar we hear throughout the song gives it this romantic, and sexy feel that you'd find in a Tango song, but its blended with a hip hop beat to create something very original, and great. This was without a doubt my favorite song from the album.

"The Day You Rest"

Another great song from the track, and it was used in the teasers for the album release. It is being suspected that the song was written about his relationship with KARA's Hara because of lyrics like:

"What are you doing tomorrow, you're off, I have work, You're meeting a friend, How about you stay home"

"Okay, go out but come home early, so that I don't worry."

It is a great song, again not necessarily one of the most memorable songs, but it is perfect with the concept of the album.

Wrap Up

Not only does this album show that BEAST has the potential to be an every changing, forever evolving boy band but it is also a testament to rapper, Junhyung's talents not only behind the mic, but behind the scenes. As the lyricist for this album he contributed to the flow, and the transformation we see.

The thing that sets any BEAST album apart from other idol groups not just well written, well produced songs, but the choreography. I cannot judge a BEAST album without looking at their choreography because it always plays a role in the overall concept of the album, something that doesn't always happen with idol groups. BEAST has a special talent in dance, and it always makes their great songs, amazing.

I can't say that this was their best album, that title is held by their 4th mini album,Lights Go On Again (EP), but it was a great first attempt to change their image. Overall the songs were really good but the album was lacking the charisma they had in their past work. If they can regain their distinct personalities of album past, and keep up this new image they've developed for themselves BEAST's next album can be incredible.

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