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Fans In Mexico, Chile, Peru And Brazil Are First To Experience Nu'Est's 'Re:Birth' Performance

By Lily James | October 02, 2014 07:59 AM EDT


Boy group Nu'Est have officially finished promotions for their first studio album "Re: BIRTH." 

The five-member idol group performed songs from their new album for the first time during their recent tour, which took the K-pop group to Mexico, Chile, Peru and Brazil. 

Fans in Mexico were the first out of the four countries to experience Aron, JR, Baekho, Minhyun and Ren sing their Korean hits, including "Good Bye Bye," "Story Book" and "A Love Without Love," according to the Korean publication Osen Entertainment. 

Nu'Est fans in the four countries were also the first to see how much the members have grown since they released material last year. 

"The album this time is just like the title 'Re:Birth,' a new rebirth concept of the group Nu'Est. As all members of Nu'Est become adults this year, we try to show a more mature side of our group," explained Nu'Est member JR during an interview with the media outlet K-popped. 

Nu'Est performed for a total of 8,000 fans during their recent tour, which was followed by their concerts in Japan titled "Nu'Est Japan Tour 2014 One L.O. Λ.E." 

Nu'Est released the album "Nu'Est Best In Korea" as part of their recent comeback. The album debuted at No. 1 on Japan's Tower Records Daily Charts for three consecutive days, according to the website Yahoo Entertainment Singapore. 

A giant poster of the boys were reportedly hanging on every floor of the Tower Records Shibuya branch to celebrate the album's popularity. 

Despite the success of their return to the K-pop scene, preparations for the comeback weren't easy. 

"Just like the first album, all members were really careful about producing this album. There is a moment where right before the music video shooting for 'Good Bye Bye', there were dance parts we had to change. So the day before and during the music video shooting it was quite tough and tired because we had to change the dance moves but after watching the outcome of the music video we all felt really satisfied/happy about it," explained Baekho.  

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