B2ST-Suzy Sing 'Me Too, Flower' OST With New Singer Seo-yeon

The song from 'Me Too, Flower' OST, 'So Many Tears' sang by new singer 'Seo-yeon' has been released.

Seo-yeon's song, 'Love is You' has a sweet melody coupled with cute and innocent lyrics, and it describes the heart of someone just starting to fall in love. Sung by Suzy - who is not yet 20 and in high school - with her soothing voice, it is a song that gives refreshment to those tired of electronic songs.

The song is a "hybrid" creation, using a hip-hop rhythm as a base and mixing it with the warmth of the acoustic guitar. It features the hip-hop group 'Blue Marble'. It also includes the voice of Yeo-ul Cha of Yang-do Chorus, who recently appeared in MBC's 'Birth of a Great Star.'

B2ST participated in 'Me Too, Flower' OST Part 1, and Suzy in Part 2, so many are already very interested in the 'Me Too, Flower' OST. And now, new singer 'Seo-yeon' joined up with these two to sing the main theme song in Part 3. Seo-yeon has garnered much interest as she began working alongside more experienced singers from her first debut song.



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