Kim Kwang Soo of T-ARA Agency Releases a Handwritten Apology

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The representative Kim Kwang Soo of Core Contents Media released a handwritten apology to the fans of T-ARA after terminating Hwayoung's contract.

This morning (August 4), Kim Kwang Soo released the letter he personally wrote to the public. Kim Kwang Soo explained that the reason for terminating Hwayoung's contract was because of her unpredictable and unprofessional behavior and not because of the rumors of bullying.Hwayoung's decision to stand her ground to explain to her fans about what was happening without any discussion with the agency was the leading factor in terminating her contract.

The following is the content of Kim Kwang Soo's letter of apology.

"I want to bow my head and apologize for the lack of explanation behind the reasons that lead to our decision to terminate Hwayoung's contract. The event created a number of misunderstandings and resulted in the rumors of bullying.

I, Kim Kwang Soo, will become a more cautious person who is capable of careful consideration of others and become somebody who could be a role model in the music industry. I want to apologize to Hwayoung and the other members of T-ARA, as well as all of their parents for this hurtful event that affected many.

Also, to the organizations who are demanding the truth behind the rumors of bullying, we are taking it as a sign of your love and care for T-ARA. As a sign of gratitude, I am willing to meet with the representatives of those organizations who have been keeping a worrisome eye on T-ARA throughout the whole controversy at any time.

Regardless of which agency Hwayoung chooses to sign with, I will do my best to support her in achieving success as a rapper and singer. Please show Hwayoung your unchanging support in the future. As for me, I will become a respectable, compassionate leader who does not make any rash decisions.

I want to apologize once again for causing so much trouble with countless rumors and misunderstandings. Finally, I would also like to apologize to the people in the news media as well as representatives in the music industry."

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