"Time Slip Dr. Jin" Viewer Rate Rises, Kim Jaejoong- Kim Eung Soo "Best Scene"

The viewers rating for MBC weekend drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin" rose.

On August 6, according to AGB Nielsen Media Research, "Time Slip Dr.Jin" had a viewers rating of 13.4%. It was 1.6% higher than their episode that aired on the 29th, which had a 11.8% viewers rating.

During this episode, Kim Byung Hee (Kim Eung Soo) lost the battle with Lee Ha Eung (Lee Bum Soo). Kim Byun Hee tried to use Gojong as a bait to kill Hong Sun Goon, but due to his first son's betrayal, his plans failed. In the end, Kim Byung Hee killed himself, and spent his last minutes in Kyung Tak's (Kim Jaejoong) arms. Byung Hee said, "Your embrace is warm, Kyung Tak," and said his son's name for the first time. He also stated, "Now live your life."

Viewers responded, "That was Kim Eung Soo and Kim Jae Joong's best acting" and "Dr.Jin is fun."

The drama now as one more episode until it is finished, and viewers are wondering what will happen now that it is Hong Sung Goon's time.

Photo Credit: MBC

Kim Eung Soo
Time Slip Dr Jin


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