Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus: Specs Of 2013 Handset Updated With Android 4.4.4 KitKat PAC-Man ROM; What Other Firmware Works For You?

Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus: Specs of the 2013 handset Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus can now be enhanced with some Android 4.4.4 KitKat features thanks to the PAC-Man ROM. As the company no longers supports official updates for the device, these firmware gives a the device a more refresehed functionality.

“In this ROM there is [a] combination of ParanoidAndroid, AOKP, and CyanogenMod,” writes Tune.PK user Musadiq Junejo who uploaded a video on the sharing site.

The 3 minutes and 36 seconds shows the update being installed on the S2 Plus with Junejo presumably demonstrating the installation.

The S2 Plus is one of the more famous handsets of Samsung and is a follow-up with a very famous handset, the Samsung Galaxy S2, the company’s 2011 Android flagship. You can read more about our latest news on the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus.

Users are cautioned when installing ROM as it requires a level of technical expertise and mistakes can cause your phone to brick. A quick search on Google reveal the definition of ROMs below.

“ROMs are the low level programming (also often called firmware) that contain the operating system and basic applications to make your phone work. For the iPhone and iPad those ROMs come from Apple and can typically only be updated when Apple issues updates.”

Numerous ROMs are available not only for the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus, but also the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy S3’s international handset. Both devices will not be getting official updates from Samsung anymore. The S2 has officially reached end of life.

A rundown on available Android 4.4 ROMs have been listed by WCF Tech, though users need to double check if the Android 4.4.4 KitKat variant is already available. ROMs sporting the 4.4 KitKat features however are: CyanogenMod, SlimKat, Infamous Android 4.4.2, OmniROM, Cataclysm, LiquidSmooth, and Resurrection Remix.

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