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Jae-in Jang is getting support from her fellow ‘Super Star K Season 2’ members for her new song, ‘Winter Night’

By Minzy Choi | December 08, 2011 06:27 PM EST


On December 8, Jang Jae-in released her new song, ‘Winter Night’ on various online music sites. She has been receiving some fame with her song ranking first place.

On this day, Kim Jisoo wrote on his twitter saying, “After listening to Jang Jae-in’s ‘Winter Night’, it is making me very lonely. The song and visuals is very good. Jang Jae-in suits sad songs”.

Then second place winner of ‘Super Star K Season 2’ John Park commented onto Kim Jisoo’s post, “You’re right. The song is so good. I am so lonely” and then left a comment on his own twitter saying “now playing ‘Winter Night’ by Jang Jae-in” and did not forget to PR his friend, Jang Jae-in. 

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