After the 'T-ARA Crisis'-4 Kinds of Thoughts, 'Love Solution'

Last week, T-ARA shook the country of South Korea with their 'T-ARA crisis'. The bullying rumors and problems with the group were still not revealed if they were true or not and member Hwayoung was dismissed from the group.

Hwayoung became the victim and Core Contents Media CEO Kim Kwang Soo became the offender according to the anti-fan cafe, 'T-JinYo'. Online news articles and the media delved further into this situation and made it worse.

A week later, T-ARA members appeared in their new dramas and show programs and received much critics for it. Currently, the 'T-ARA crisis' seems to have died down a bit.

T-ARA, who had just released their new album, has canceled their first solo concert and other activities due to this incident. 

How it would have been if Core Contents Media's announcement on Hwayoung's dismissal was revealed at a later date and time

Most idols have problems within their group. These idol members have been together since trainee days and have all dreamt of becoming successful. They can be a strong support system at times, but sometimes they can become hurt by little things. However, that does not mean that all groups will endure what T-ARA had to go through.

The problem is the way they responded to the incident. Kim Kwang Soo's response in turn angered the public. After he revealed that he would be making an announcement, he held it off for 3 days. After Hwayoung's dismissal from the group, he saw that the media was making the situation worse and decided to respond to all of them. With his 'bulldozer' style of responding back to all the hate, it was only natural that the public lashed back.

Although time is also the problem, the method was more of a problem. The way that Kim Kwang Soo made it seem like Hwayoung's dismissal was in respect for the staff was unnecessary. After seeing Hwayoung's reaction to this, he immediately revealed that it was because of Hwayoung's rash behaviors. If he had only thought about how serious the situation was and said, "I have discussed this with the other members and have made this decision," things might have turned out differently. This could have prevented 'T-JinYo' from being born as well.

Silent T-ARA members...If they had showed respect for their member...

Although it may be because the agency has made them be quiet about the issue, it is not always right to stay silent all the time. You can't pretend that something hasn't happened when it has. T-ARA might have needed time to get used to the switching of members. Kim Kwang Soo was always the one to make a response to the public as well. This could be one of the reasons that T-ARA members were silent during this incident.

The public does not want to see the members crying and regretting that their member has left them. They just want to hear the truth from the members themselves. They need to just accept their member Hwayoung just the way she is and make sure that an incident like this never happens again. T-ARA members one response would be so much better than a 100 responses from Kim Kwang Soo.

Now Ex-T-ARA member Hwayoung...Back to the Beginning

With all that has happened to Hwayoung, she still lowered her head and wrote an apology letter to her fans and met with Kim Kwang Soo to apologize as well. It must have been hard for her to handle this situation herself. She should think of this time as a time of rest. She is still young and has a bright future ahead of her. She should live without the name 'ex-T-ARA member' and live as Hwayoung.

To those that have been a part of the 'T-ARA Crisis', Take a look around you

Lastly, we look at the public that was so involved with this crisis. This past week, the whole country of Korea was heating up because of this event. Fans, celebrities, citizens and children were all talking about this issue, making it bigger.

Looking at it from a different perspective, there are so many other events that are going on that are more important than this crisis. This may be an important crisis to the entertainment industry, but when looking at the nation as a whole, there are far worse things that could be needing the public's response. Those people could be the ones that are the closest to you, such as your friends, your family, or yourself. 

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