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K-Pop Mixtape: Halloween Thrills And Chills

By Nikole S. | October 31, 2014 07:12 AM EDT


Happy Halloween, K-Pop fans!

After taking over 31 days to creep up on us, Halloween is final here to frighten us! Whether you're staying at home with friends still looking for a good scare or partying the night; here is a batch of K-Pop treats containing some of the spookiest, creepiest and just downright weirdest videos in K-Pop. Enjoy!

“Heartbeat” by 2PM

2PM stole the hearts of guys and gals alike back in 2012 when they released the addicting track, “Heartbeat”. For this, 2PM had to apply dark yet trance-invoking eye makeup even with that they still looked as gorgeous as ever.

“Full Moon” by Sunmi

Nothing fits the Halloween mood like a full moon and that’s exactly where Sunmi comes. Along with a bright and round full moon, Sunmi poses as the alluring Vampire alongside Lena Park. Her full moon will definitely turn some werewolves!

“Wolf” by EXO

Speaking of wolves, the boys of EXO brought out their inner beast for their hit track “Wolf”. Check out the beastly boys below!

“Doom Dada” by T.O.P

T.O.P’s music video isn’t as creepy as it is strange. The mustache and monkeys were only the beginning, a key point; however, is the baby with a head five times the size of what an infant is supposed to have. Creepy!

“COUP D’ETAT” by G-Dragon

A very dark video indeed! G-Dragon went the creepily mysterious route for this particular video. Take special of the black tear, tar colored face paint, and the ripping of the face.

"Zombie Party" by SPEED

Who says Zombie’s always have to have to look hideous with missing guts while they eat brains? SPEED doesn’t! SPEED went for the classic zombie and instead of scaring us away, they only make us want more. This is one Zombie Apocalypse we can look forward to!

“Pray” by SunnyHill

Despite SunnyHill’s “Pray” music video being saddening, it still retains the strangeness needed for the theme of Halloween.

“MINE” by Kim Jaejoong

Dark chambers, crows cawing, spikes, chains, and a massively attractive Jaejoong; all of the elements of a creepy dungeon are locked inside Jaejoong’s “MINE” music video. Need I say more?


While we’re on the subject of JYJ, we can’t forget XIA Junsu’s title song from his first solo album, “TARANTALLEGRA”. Casting spells of attraction is one of Junsu’s specialties as he lures us into the dark and demanding music video.

“Sweet Dream” by MFBTY

Though the lyric content and music video in its entirety isn’t something to be frightened of, “Sweet Dream” has certain scenes that some may be cringe at. For example, the tiger mauling Tiger JK while be bound to the table. Though the scene is both impressive and ironic, it definitely has the shock factor.

“Thriller” by BTOB

Skulls, skulls, and more skulls; a key marker of Halloween aside from the pumpkin itself! There are skull tattoos and even skeletal scene props outlining the dance choreography. Indeed, BTOB’s music video is a “Thriller”!

The Prince’s of creepy and scary, VIXX! VIXX all the way up until this point has released quite the series of skin crawling spine chilling music videos. In fact, VIXX even made a clean version of their “VOODOO DOLL” music video because of the somewhat gruesome content of the original. “VOODOO DOLL” was preceded by “ON and ON” and “Hyde” both of which also had dark themes. From the music videos to the live performances, VIXX went all out even on stage dawning freaky contacts and skin makeup. It is fairly easy to see why VIXX dominates the horror concept.

Which K-Pop music video or song gives you the chills? Scare us in the comments below!

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