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Red Velvet's 'Be Natural' Music Video Features Taeyong Of SMRookies

By Robert Kuang | October 09, 2014 03:03 PM EDT


SM Entertainment's latest idol group Red Velvet is back with a new music video, and they are helping introduce fans to another member of SMRookies.

On Thursday, Red Velvet released the music video to "Be Natural," a cover of former SM girl group S.E.S.'s track by the same name. The song also featured SMRookies' Taeyong as the rapper, although some fans were less than thrilled with the inclusion.

"Taeyong's rap ruined it," commented Mellodi Marie on YouTube. "Take him out and this is pure perfection. The girls looked beautiful."

Reportedly, Taeyong is a part of SMRookies' boy division called SR14B, which is awaiting debut after the ladies of SR14G debuted as Red Velvet.

In July, SM Entertainment displayed Taeyong's rapping skills with a video titled "Open the Door," which impressed fans much more so than his appearance on "Be Natural."

"I think he is the best rapper in SM," wrote IzzyFanny on Wednesday regarding "Open the Door."

"I don't know about you people but I love his rapping," added Naila Fajardo.

Much like Taeyong, Red Velvet is also a rookie group facing criticisms, particularly due to the recent bout of scandals surrounding their record label.

"Why do I feel like SM is using them as a cover-up when the company messes up?" wrote CLroo on October 7. "They debuted in the middle of fans' wrath against Sulli's hiatus. Now that SM messed up Girls' Generation they are having a comeback with a remake song."

Prior to their debut, Red Velvet faced severe backlash due to the abrupt end to SM's previous active group f(x), after promoting for only three weeks. Since then, Sulli has remained inactive as a member of f(x) and failed to perform at the SMTOWN Live World Tour IV in Tokyo last week.

Check out Red Velvet's "Be Natural" music video below:

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