K-Pop Review: "Let Me Explode" by EvoL

"Let Me Explode" is the debut 1st mini album from the new highly anticipated girl group EvoL from Brandnew Stardom Entertainment.

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  1. Let Me Explode
  2. I'm sorry
  3. Magnet
  4. We Are A Bit Different


  • Like Block B, BNS did it again with their debut music video. Teases the audience with fierce music, delivers pop. It makes the listeners go hunt down the rest of the tracks though!
  • Well... None of the four songs on the mini album are technically "hip hop" (the closest being Magnet and Let Me Explode).
  • A general trend in the composition of the album: repetition in the songs.
  • There is A LOT more English in the songs than what you think, haha...
  • The girls have pretty strong voices, particularly Jucy, Yull, and Hayana.
  • How much part the did EvoL's leader, Say, have in the composition of the music I wonder...
  • The album is pretty catchy, definitely an interesting listen.


Going down from the tracklist above:

1. Let Me Explode

E (leggo), V (leggo), O (leggo), L (leggo). I counted the times this song said leggo: 14. I will not count how many times they said "touch", "shout it out", or "I'm a super pilot". The repetition may annoy or addict you. Although many fans seemed to deem Let Me Explode as their favorite, I was a bit torn. I liked Jucy's rapping definitely, it was like she wrapped the rhythm of the song under her tongue and manipulated the beat to her own pace. However, I thought there were parts that just didn't FIT as well as others, you know? For example, the "drink drink up the beat" was spoken so lifelessly and awkwardly, it contrasted with Jucy's fierce rap immediately after. I'm not sure whether I like the cutesy "mandeullyeo hae" and "geoseul da" or not. I guess I just would have preferred a fiercer approach to this song, which is probably why I prefer Magnet.

2. I'm sorry

Interestingly, this song is about being sorry for jealousy. I like this song, it's pretty. However, I will FOREVER question the "like just peanut" line. PEANUTS!? That metaphor is on the level of U-Kiss' 0330 r squared pi line. I will never look at a peanut the same ever again. One thing I like about this song is the maknae J-Da. Very little of her is heard through the whole album, so her rap line definitely intrigued me.


3. Magnet

Magnet pretty much talks about how powerful the girls are and how you will be drawn to them. Personally, I thought its composition was a bit random, compared to Let Me Explode. As much as I really like the "I wanna wanna it it girl" part, you have to admit that it came out of no where.  However, I like how it can maintain consistent ferocity, yet create enough buildup to make an exploding chorus.


4. We Are a Bit Different

Ironically, the lyrics of "We Are a Bit Different" are entirely ordinary. It is about dancing. Seriously. You don't even need to know Korean to understand the meaning of this song. I was surprised that they debuted with this (expected of Brand New Stardom's advertising style, yet I get surprised each time). I will not even attempt to count the amount of times the word "floor" was said. It reminds me of Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull's On the Floor and Dance Again. Maybe the title "We Are a Bit Different" should just be scrapped and changed to "Get on the Floor". I love the chorus though. It's catchy and fun. The whole song is fun in fact. It kind of gives that mindless American club pop vibe, plus when half of the song is "dance floor" and the other half is more English and Korean, it just doesn't quite feel "K-Pop", if you know what I mean.

How did I feel about the music video? Random. I wouldn't want to get on THAT floor, enough said.



This R&B track is about wanting to go back to the start of a failed relationship. It has less rapping than I'm sorry, and there are more different lines than I'm sorry, thus showcasing the vocal line of EvoL more proficiently. For listeners learning to distinguish the members, I would listen to, for it has solo parts for Hayana and Yull. It's a pretty song.


OVERALL: The album is good. I didn't have that "skip to the next song in the middle of this song" urge so that is definitely a good sign. In honesty though, all I could really hear in the album was Jucy and Yull. The timbre of their voices stands out too well. I hope in EvoL's future music that they maintain a fierce image and that the other members will get more, distinct parts.

Do I think they sound like 2NE1? No, they sound like EvoL. Seriously. 2NE1 and EvoL give off COMPLETELY different vibes. It's kind of like comparing B1A4 to SHINee, or Boyfriend to Dalmatian. Just listen to this mini album, and I'm sure a clean ear will simply hear EvoL coming out of their speakers.


(credit romanization.wordpress.com for having the lyrics of the entire mini album for me to look at!)

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Let Me Explode


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