A Past Tweet From MBLAQ's Mir Raises Questions About Lee Joon And Thunder

A previous tweet from MBLAQ's Mir has been given a closer look by fans.

With the recent news regarding MBLAQ members Thunder and Lee Joon likely leaving the group in November, a past tweet from Mir has been getting a lot of attention.

The tweet, from October 2nd, was a line from one of g.o.d's sad ballad songs.  A translation of the lyrics reads, "The painful longing is worse than the break-up."

Now that the news MBLAQ may be soon changing its lineup has been revealed, the tweet has MBLAQ fans now wondering if Mir hinted that this was going to occur.

Currently, MBLAQ's agency J.Tune is discussing what other options are available for both Lee Joon and Thunder. Both their contracts have expired putting their involvement group and with J.Tune in jeopardy.

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