30,000 Fans Enjoy Psy's Successful "Summer Stand" Concert

Psy's 'Summer Stand, The Dranched Show' was held this Saturday at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul.

After the 3 and a half hour performance, "Gangnam Style" was played to indicate that it was time for the audience to leave but they all stayed and sang along and had the dance down perfectly. 

Impressed and touched by this show of love for his song, he reappeared on stage and said he would watch them dance, and downed a bottle of Soju on the spot.

At the concert, there were many signs of his popularity due mostly to "Gangnam Style." There were crews from CNN, ABC, the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Discovery Channel and others, as well as international fans from around the world. Because of the number of people, the concert staff had to take away the soccer goal posts at the back of the stadium. 

The performance began with the excerpt from CNN News and parody videos from YouTube, all surrounding "Gangnam Style." After singing his two opening songs, he added, "I don't know what's going on but there are journalists from Korea and around the world. Show them that although I might be ridiculous that you are amazing."


One of the unique aspects of Psy's summer concerts is that it integrates water and fountains, chasing the summer heat away. The concert staff hand out blue rain coats and blue glow sticks, which was reminiscent of an ocean. 

For songs like "Right Now" and "I'm This Kind of Person," water spewed out from sprinklers attached to the T-shaped stage and water cannons installed all around the standing areas. The audience relished this and enjoyed themselves. 

One American attendee said, "I've been in Korea for 2 years and it seems that Psyt is a character unto himself, one that doesn't exist in the US. As I sang along to "Gangnam Style," I felt like I was one with my other Korean friends."

For "Tree Frog" a giant replica of Psy wearing a diaper appeared and for "It's Amazing," green lasers decorated the stadium and dancers wearing glow-in-the-dark outfits put on a performance. 

For "Paradise," the audience became a part of the performance. 

Ahead of the concert, he handed out a 6th album CD to every fan that attended and requested that for "Paradise" they all raise the CD above their heads. Immensely moved by their willingness to honor his request, he gave a shout out to them. "Let me say something to those of you who are from other countries. This is Korea!"

Psy also didn't forget to add a comic element. He dressed up in drag and parodied SISTAR and Lady GaGa, renaming himself PSASTAR and Lady SaSa, which send the audience roaring with laughter. 

Then shortly thereafter, he dedicated a song to the fathers in the audience and sang "Father" as well as "You All" ensuring that he cover all the demographics. 

Psy was also enjoying himself immensely at the concert.

"I am so happy to see that you're happy and enjoying yourself. I think I was meant to do this for a living. I'm a clown and you guys are a crazy audience!"

2NE1, No Hong Chul, Sung Si Kyung and other guests all added to the performance of it all. 

Sung Si Kyung, who collaborated with Psy on "A Hot Goodbye," said, "I call him Macarena now. I'm so glad that his album was a big hit. People say that he was blessed but he also works that much harder."

However, there were scary moments during the concert as well. As shown in the picture above, a part of the stage lit on fire. The performance had to be paused when one of the fireworks hit a curtain. When a particle shot down towards the stage, he added, "It must have really been a crazy party in here to light something on fire. Let's calm down a little while they take care of this."

A concert insider said that because they had fire-proofed the curtain before, the fire was able to go out by itself without the help of any water. 

When it was over, Psy commented that he took this as a sign and that he was very sensitive to these types of happenings as omen. He said he hoped it wasn't a bad omen because things were going really well for him at the moment. 

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