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K-Pop's Finest Girl Groups Framed for Fake Accusations

By Staff Writer | August 12, 2012 06:48 PM EDT


The reason behind why T-ARA's bullying controversy became such a huge social issue is assumed to have resulted from minor problems that have been blown up out of proportion by the media.

The bullying controversy surrounding the girl group T-ARA took an unbelievable toll on the members as well as their entertainment agency, Core Contents Media. After all the outrage from the public began to die down, T-ARA's controversy is beginning to considered as a fake rumor created by people in the online communities who overreacted about a minor issue within the group. When the bullying rumors regarding Hwayoung began to spread out of control, the public began to harshly criticize all the members of T-ARA as well as Core Contents Media.

When Core Contents Media representative Kim Kwang Soo announced the termination of Hwayoung's contract with the agency, things began to change for the worse. An online cafe called "We Want the Truth from T-ARA" was created where people in the online community demanded an explanation regarding the bullying controversy. Some even showed up in front of the Core Contents Media building to protest, demanding a clear insight into the controversy.

As time passed however, more details seem to have come into perspective. The photos that appeared to reveal the controversial Twitter posts of T-ARA members were carefully investigated. It turns out the photos showing the members' Twitter posts were created by people in the online community. The screen captures that showed the posts by T-ARA members were arranged in a specific order to it seem like there was an issue. The photo that started the controversy even included a screen capture of a Twitter post by T-ARA's rap instructor regarding somebody totally irrelevant to T-ARA's controversy.

For example, the Twitter post written by Jeon Boram stating, "A round of applause for you, acting genius" was apparently directed at Hyomin, who is currently preparing for an acting role in a drama. Even the countless video clips and photos that have been submitted by people in the online communities were proven to be material taken out of its original content to victimize Hwayoung.

T-ARA's fans have created a Tumblr site titled, "The Truth about T-ARA's Controversy" ( to clarify the misunderstanding behind each video clip and photo. Regardless of all their efforts, the controversy has already been blown out of proportion and proves to be hard to settle.

T-ARA was expected to follow after the KARA and Girls' Generation to begin their successful girl group career in Japan but now, only time will tell whether their damaged image will affect their Japanese promotion or not.

T-ARA is not the only girl group that has been affected by the people in the online communities. It has also been reported that the idol group Girl's Day was another target. When people in the online community saw member Ji Hae's post stating, "My fans will always support me regardless of the decision I made, right?" rumors began to pop up. Fans overreacted at the fact that Girl's Day members were beginning to appear on stage without Ji Hae. In addition, people began to emphasize the lack of interaction between Ji Hae and the other members. As a result, rumors of bullying began to spread.

Then out of the blue, rumors of Ji Hae leaving Girl's Day began to float around the online communities. When Girl's Day's entertainment agency heard about the rumors, a representative responded with, "It's ridiculous. The statements made by the people in the online communities are far from the truth. Ji Hae is taking a break from promotional activities because of her health. There are no personal issues within the group."

Even after the release of the agency's official statement regarding the bullying rumors, people in the online communities remained suspicious. In Girl's Day's case, the quickness in their agency's explanation of the situation dismissed the rumors. T-ARA however took a big toll from the rumors because of Kim Kwang Soo's suspicious response to the rumors.

There are countless rumors surrounding various K-Pop girl groups in the online communities. Groups like Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls and SISTAR could possibly become victims of these serious accusations if statements created by people in the online communities are taken out of proportion.

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