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Giuliana Rancic Talks Breast Cancer With Other Survivors In ‘Beyond Candid’ Special, E! Host Says She Is Confident ‘We Will Find A Cure!’

By Ashley Griggs | October 17, 2014 03:03 AM EDT


Giuliana Rancic spoke about her experience with breast cancer on Thursday. And the her words we not only emotional, but inspirational as well.

In a special edition of "Beyond Candid With Giuliana: Hope, Strength & Courage" that aired on E!, the host sat down with "Good Morning America"'s Amy Robach and television host Samantha Harris to discuss the disease and what women can do to fight back against it.

"We've done some great Beyond Candids...but it's really nice to be able to use the show to not just report on celebrities and fashion and beauty, but also to be able to report on something that has a lot of takeaway in terms of your health," Rancic told E! News before the special aired on Thursday evening, adding that she felt it could be important for women to identify with others who have had breast cancer. "'If Giuliana can get breast cancer, if Samantha Harris can get it, if Amy [Robach] can get it, I can get it, too. What can I do to make sure that I'm staying on top of my health?' These are some of the things that the special will answer."

In the program, Rancic thanked Robach for speaking out on the subject of breast cancer, calling the conversation "really, really hard."

"One of the things we have in common is that we realize how lucky we are to have this incredible platform to be able to reach so many people to share our story and help other women," said Rancic. "We don't take that lightly and I thank them for being on this journey." 

The "Fashion Police" co-host brought up the topic of physical appearance as well, admitting that it can be difficult for women to deal with the emotional impact of the disease when it also affects them physically.

"It's hard," she confessed. "For me, when I went back to work, it wasn't about being pretty was about looking in the mirror and recognizing myself again. The hair, the makeup, the outfit helped me do that. I was able to remember and see the girl I was before cancer. I think that's what really important." 

Rancic then shared a story about a make-over that she was able to arrange through her wish-granting program for breast cancer patients.

"One of the best moments was the very first wish that Fab-U-Wish granted...[it] was a girl who had been in the military and she was serving our country when she found out she had breast cancer, 36," said Rancic. "They flew her home, got the surgery, and she had an aggressive form of breast cancer and we were able to bring her to Los Angeles, she'd never been here, with her sister."  

"We did a shopping spree and a makeover-she'd never had a mani/pedi," the E! News host, added. "She said to us in the letter, 'My whole life I'd been around men, and I've never felt feminine, but now having lost my hair I feel even less of woman than I've ever felt in my life and all I want to do is feel like a princess for a day.' It was really such a touching, beautiful story. So we brought her out and showed her a great time...and we always kept in touch, and then sadly, a few weeks ago, she did lose her battle to cancer...It just goes to show how serious this disease is and how aggressive it can be." 

Rancic, a mom of one, remains hopeful that the world will, in fact, be rid of breast cancer one day.

"With all the research we've done, there still isn't a cure and there's so much more we need to do," declared Rancic, adding, "We will find a cure. I'm confident we will." 

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