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Monkey 3's Most Popular Song is Tara's Roly Poly

By Kwon Soo Bin | December 10, 2011 02:45 AM EST


Which artists and songs of 2011 dominated the music market?

According to the music site Monkey3’s Top 40 rankings for 2011 showed that girl groups, IU, MBC’s I am a Singer, Infinitiy Challenge, Mnet Superstar K3 dominated this years charts.

On December 9th, Monkey 3 released their “2011 Monkey 3 Most Popular Songs”  which were complied by combining the weekly 1~50 rankings from January 1st to November 30th along with streaming and downloading counts. The results showed that Tara’s Roly-Poly received the most love this year.


Most Popular Song- Tara’s Roly-Poly

The girl groups showed their dominating power once again this year. Along Tara, Miss A, Sistar, Secret, F(x), and more ranked high on the “2011 Monkey 3 Most Popular Songs” list. Tara seized the 1st place with Roly-Poly, which created a retro craze. 

1. Tara- “Roly-Poly”
2. Miss A- “Goodbye Baby”
3. Sistar -“So Cool”
4. IU -“Good Day”
5. Secret-“Starlight Moonlight” –
6. Davichi- “Don’t Say Goodbye”
7. 2NE1- “I Am The Best”
8. F(x)- “Pinocchio (Danger)”
9.Sistar19- “Ma Boy”

Both IU and Huh Gak, who ranked in 4th and 10th, left prominent impression on the music industry this year. IU took the title as the top female artist with her hit songs “Good Day“, “The Story Only I Didn’t Know“, “Someday“, and the recently released “You and I“. Every one of Huh Gak’s songs like Hello“, “Please Don’t Forget Me“, and “I Told You I Wanna Die“ were all big hits this year.


Artists with the Most Hit Songs-2NE1

2NE1 had a the hightest number of hit songs on the “2011 Monkey 3 Most Popular Songs”  lists with a total of 4.

1. 2NE1 (4 songs)- “I am the Best” (7th) “Ugly” (31st )“Lonely” (33rd) and Park Bom’s solo song “Don’t Cry” (12th)

2. IU (3 songs)

3. F(x), Sistar, Secret, B2ST (Beast), 4minute (2 songs each)


1st place, on weekly charts, for 3 consecutive weeks-Miss A, Sistar, Davichi

It is getting more and more difficult to stay at number 1 as the competition gets more and more fierce.

However, Miss A‘s “Goodbye Baby“, Sistar‘s ”So Cool“, and Davichi‘s “Don’t Say Goodbye” all kept their 1st places on the weekly charts for three consecutive weeks.


Longest time on Top 10

The songs that lasted the longest on the Monkey 3 weekly charts were

1.     IU’s “Good Day”, Tara’s “Roly-Poly”, Sistars’s “So Cool” (9 weeks total)

2.     Sistar19’s “Ma Boy”, G.NA’s “Black & White”(7 weeks)

3.     Secret’s “Shy Boy”, Miss A’s “Goodbye Baby”, F(x)’s “Pinocchio”, Davichi’s
“Don’t Say Goodbye”, B2ST (Beast)’s “Fiction” (6 weeks)



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