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SBS 'Inkigayo' Round-Up: IU Wins #1 On The October 19, 2014 Episode

By James B | October 20, 2014 07:58 AM EDT


Another week of 'Inkigayo' is here and featured performances from some of your favorite K-Pop stars.

The stars who made their comeback were SECRET's Ji Eun as she is pretty at "25," Cho Hyung Woo made his return with "Someone I Know," VIXX were "Error" free for their comeback, and Roy Kim explained the meaning of "Home" to him, and Almeng made their debut with "Phone in Love."

Your nominees were for the October 19th episode were Ailee, IU's version of Seo Taiji's single, and Kim Dong Ryul. The winner was IU as she won her first trophy. 

Here are the performance recaps from yesterday.

Performance Recaps

Ji Eun

The beautiful Ms. Ji Eun was pretty at the age of "25" as she made her comeback yesterday.

Ji Eun wore a pretty shiny purple colored outfit for her performance. The stage was nicely set because it had balloons and a cake. The audience were entertained. Hopefully her fans can place her single on the top ten chart of the music show.


The stage was set great for VIXX's performance as they made their comeback on the music show yesterday. VIXX performed their new single titled, "Error." The stage was set exactly like their music video.

The guys wore a colored combination of white and black lion colored outfits for their performance. VIXX are competing hard and asking for their fans to put them up for nomination next week.


UNIQ made their hot debut on 'Inkigayo' and performed their single titled, "Falling in Love." This manly and handsome group is wowing females with their charm.

The message of their song is about them falling for a beautiful woman; which they cannot express their feelings openly to her. There are lots of love with this group; which people cannot wait for their music video to be released.

One viewer named fitriani elis commented, "Debut song is so beautiful~~~
I can't wait for the MV ^^
UNIQ fighting ^^."

Cho Hyung Woo

Cho Hyung Woo made his comeback performance yesterday. Cho Hyung Woo sang his new single titled, "Someone I Know."

He just made his comeback and already 'Inkigayo' cut his performance to less than three minutes long. What is your opinion regarding his new single?


Almeng finally made their hot debut and performed their single titled, "Phone in Love." Almeng is in the same agency as BESTie; which is YNB Entertainment.

They have such a great voice and are talented. The message of the song is about how a person is in love with their phone. Almeng is a duo that consist of members Choi Rin and Lee Hae Yong. What is your opinion regarding this new duo?

Bernard Park

Bernard Park performed his emotional single titled, "Before The Rain" yesterday. His single is emotional that the camera close ups show him getting tear eyed.

He has a great voice; which the audience just enjoyed listening to his performance. Bernard Park wore casual outfits for his performance. The outfits were a blue sweater and jeans.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet wore new outfits which were a white see through blouse and black pants for their performance yesterday.

Red Velvet performed their single titled, "Be Natural." Seulgi, Joy, Irene, and Wendy are doing a great job with this concept. They can now perform with the concepts of happy and sexy.


Ailee wore a nice black and white outfit as she said, "Don't Touch Me." Her voice is just amazing as she is able to control her breathing.

Ailee was nominated, though did not win for this episode. She had another flawless performance yesterday.


Raina had another flawless performance as she sang her solo single titled, "You End, And Me." Both Kanto and Raina wore black and white colored outfits.

Raina is doing a great job each week. Though, Raina can work on her facial expressions and show the emotion of this song. Her single ranks number eighteen this week. The stage setting was great for her performance.


BTOB had another great performance as they performed their old school K-Pop single titled, "You're So Fly." The guys saw a beautiful woman and are now fixed on her.

BTOB's single ranks number twenty-one on the 'Inkigayo' chart for this week. Their performance was cut; though, the audience were entertained.


Boyfriend had another fantastic performance yesterday. Their Halloween concept single titled, "Witch" is nicely done. The choreography and props really give the effect of their new song.

The audience were once again entertained yesterday. Boyfriend are doing a great job making the audiences' body go boom each week.


TEEN TOP finally reached the finish line for their promotions as they performed their single titled, "Missing." TEEN TOP can now get some rest as they did a great job of entertaining their fans.

The guys wore white suits for their last performance. TEEN TOP's single ranks number fifteen for the last of promotions. TEEN TOP fans are going to be "Missing" them.

Mad Town

Mad Town yelled "YOLO" as they wore a nice white and little burgundy suit for their performance yesterday.

'You Only Live Once' is what their new song is about; so make the most of it. Mad Town is going to perform with lots of energy each week. Their single ranks number thirty-one this week.


Juniel performed her love single titled, "I Think I'm in Love" yesterday. She wore a beautiful pink flowered short dress for her performance.

Her dance back ups do a great job of showing how a woman and guy feels when they are in love. Juniel's single ranks number twenty-six this week.

Roy Kim

The holidays is rapidly approaching and "Home" means family and spending time with them. Roy Kim performed his great single yesterday.

"Home" ranks number four this week. His single is perfect because the holiday season is almost here. Are you loving Roy's new song?


A.KOR performed their single titled, "But Go" on the music show yesterday. The members wore nice black leather spiked jackets for their performance.

Viewers who are watching their performance are commenting good things regarding the group. A.KOR are a great group and hopefully they make their comeback with a new single soon. Their performance was cut to less than three minutes long yesterday.

Gavy NJ

Magnificent ballad trio female group Gavy NJ performed their new single titled, "I Wish." The ladies are wishing for something that they really want; hopefully, the wish is good and not bad.

The members wore a black colored short dress for their performance. Gavy NJ's single ranks number twenty-eight this week. The ladies have such fantastic voices; which they express the emotion of this song.

Jung Dong Ha

Jung Dong Ha sang his powerful new single titled, "If I" on the October 19th episode of 'Inkigayo.' He wore a dark gray colored suit for his performance.

Jung Dong Ha's single ranks number twenty-seven this week.


TOXIC had a "Deja Vu" moment as they rocked on stage yesterday. The audience enjoyed their performance and screamed at the end.

The guys wore gray and black colored outfits for their performance yesterday. If your into K-Rock, be sure to check out TOXIC.

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