Epik High's Music Video Featuring Kim Jisoo Ignites Excitement For Upcoming YG Girl Group

Thanks to the latest music video release by Epik High, excitement is building for the debut of YG Entertainment's upcoming girl group.

On October 20, YG Entertainment released a long-form music video in anticipation of Epik High's eighth studio album, "Shoebox." Combining title track "Spoiler" with a snippet of another song called "Happen Ending," the music video prominently features Kim Jisoo, a YG trainee who will reportedly debut as a part of the YG girl group next month.

"YG's new girl group is currently recording their debut song and album," an insider told Star News. "They've been preparing for their debut for quite a while, and they're in the last stages."

And while Jisoo and fellow YG trainee Jennie Kim are reportedly set to debut as a part of the group, Kim Eunbi of "Superstar K2" will not be a part of the girl group as originally planned.

"It is true. It is very regretful that a friend, who trained with us for a long time, has left without fulfilling her dream," a YG rep told Ilgan Sports on October 16. "It was decided that her [future] activities would put too much stress on her health."

"It is true that the debut album is close to the final stages of production. The new girl group will debut in November at the earliest and within this year at the latest."

Because rumors and teasers of the YG girl group have been circulating the web since 2012, fans have taken to making predictions on who will comprise the group in the end.

"Jennie Kim will be the leader, but Jisoo is the eldest and the visual," predicted Khevyn Estefani on YouTube.

Tentatively codenamed Pink Punk, the YG trainees who are rumored to be a part of this mysterious girl group include Jennie Kim, Kim Jisoo, Jang Hanna, Lalice Manoban, Park Jinny, Park Chaeyoung, Cho Miyeon and Lee Jookyung.

Check out Epik High's latest music video featuring Kim Jisoo below:

Pink Punk
Epik High


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