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'Bullying Controversy' T-ARA, Reason for their Black Fashion

August 17, 2012 10:43 AM EDT

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'Bullying Controversy' T-ARA, Reason for their Black Fashion / Credit: d

The after effects of T-ARA's now ex-member Hwayoung's dismissal has been huge. Even after 10 or so days after the incident, internet users are still attacking T-ARA members.

Members Eunjung and Hyomin gained attention during their drama press conferences as they showed tears when asked about the 'T-ARA crisis'.

Their style and facial expressions have changed drastically as well. Their usual cute and bubbly image seemed to have disappeared. They have been showing a very quiet and calm side to them. 

Their usual fun and bright outfits have also disappeared. Eunjung and Hyomin both wore black outfits during their press conferences. It seems that they wanted to avoid any more hate from the internet users and anti-fans by wearing simple black dresses.

Their short mini skirts have gone as their black dresses hit knee length as well. Their hairstyles have  calmed down as well with no bright colors.

Last month, Core Contents Media dismissed member Hwayoung from the group due to her rash behaviors. This caused quite the controversy amongst the fans, creating anti-fan groups such as 'T-JinYo'.

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