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Moved to Tears By BEAST [Blog]

By Zombie Mamma via ZombieMamma | October 25, 2014 10:42 AM EDT


You know, I had a really REALLY hard time trying to decide which song to pick for my "Tune of the Week" because both BEAST and BTS released a new video and they were both SO GOOD, it's been nearly impossible, trying to pick a favorite! After watching both videos about a thousand times and deliberating for what feels like forever, I've finally made up my mind but you should know, it was not a decision easily made. Had it not been for the fact I wrote an entire fangirl squee post over BTS on Tuesday, I probably would have gone with "Hormone War" as this week's tune (because that song has been on "repeat" on my iPod for weeks) but I did, so I feel it's only right to give BEAST the spotlight for their powerful and emotional comeback track, "12:30".

The title track to BEAST's seventh mini album, Time, "12:30" is an incredibly moving ballad full of the pain of a once loving couple going their separate ways, "like the clock hands at 12:30". Composed and produced by Junhyung and Kim Tae Ju, "12:30" is everything I've come to expect from Junhyung. It's beautiful, powerful and emotional with a slightly haunting melody that hits you right in the heart and makes you want to cry. Well it made me want to cry at least the first hundred or so, times I listened to it... It's just so sad!
Time has five other tracks to keep you grooving, four of which ("Close My Eyes", "It's All Good", "Stay" and "Drive", in case you were wondering) were also composed and produced by Good Life (aka Junhyung and Kim Tae Ju) while Gikwang had a hand in the composition and lyrics for "So Hot" but none of them move me to tears like "12:30". Maybe it's just the mood I'm in today or because I'm a sucker for anything Junhyung writes, I'm not really sure, but I'm now addicted to this song and it's been on repeat all week.

As for the video, I think it's everything a video should be. It's beautiful, poignant and it paints such a vivid picture of the heartbreak that comes with a separation, it's almost too painful to watch. I love the way this video was shot: the cinematography, the use of color and light, the acting. I love the imagery of the broken bottle and the burning chair (though I have to admit, that part made me instantly think of Junhyung's "Flower" and I had to smile) and I love how such simple things can convey a much deeper meaning. I also love the style of the boys in this video, as their layers and sweaters and overcoats give them a very classic, debonaire gentleman sort of look that pairs so well with the more mature feel of this song.

To sum things up, I love "12:30" and I think it's a fantastic song to make a comeback with but I want to know what you think, so be sure to let me know by leaving me a comment below!

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