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Deadmau5 Twitter Feud With Paris Hilton: DJ Slams 'Come Alive' Singer For 'Being An Ass,' Hilton Strikes Back

By Toby Robboy | October 24, 2014 08:29 PM EDT


It looks like an all out Twitter war has erupted between Deadmau5 and Paris Hilton. The famous DJ struck the first blow, writing a scathing post on his personal blog in which he slammed Hilton for trying her hand at the medium. He said the socialite is “being an ass,” and called it “insulting” that she deems herself qualified to DJ, despite lacking the necessary background and knowledge. Hilton struck back via the social media platform, and now it looks like it’s officially on.

In his post, Deadma5 derided, “So Paris makes a billion dollars playing a CD at a club. That’s great. How is this news again?” He continued, “Personally, I would pay about as much to see her ‘perform’ as Indy fans would pay to watch me struggle to get out of first gear and 20 feet off the starting grid in an Indy500 race without ending up in a wreck.”

The DJ recalled an instance in which he was working at the Cosmo in Vegas when, “She attended, and I guess I was accommodating (as far as that usually goes for me). I could see she was having a fun time, liked the music, and just wanted to be part of it all… so or course, why not… Even I couldn’t hate on that.” But, he added, “Let’s get real here for a second… There’s being involved/enthusiastic about something… and then there’s just being an ass.”

Going back to his car racing analogy, Deadmau5 continued, “Don’t you think it would be a tad insulting to the professionals and fans of the driving world if I just showed up one day… dated a driver, then hopped on the circuit the following week  ‘just coz I can’?” He added, “I would 10000% never in a million years wouldn’t have the balls to encroach on their scene… That’s just insulting as f*ck.”

In response, Hilton tweeted, “I find it hilarious when others try to badmouth me in order to get attention. Sorry that I’m #KillingIt while doing what I love and live for.”  Deadmau5, naturally, didn’t let her have the last word. He tweeted his own response: “@ParisHilton if I wanted attention, id put out a sex tape, f*ck a dentist, then charge a million for root canals. For now, imma just be me.”


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