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5 K-Pop Collaborations We Want to See

By Rachelle D. | October 26, 2014 12:55 PM EDT


The spread of K-Pop worldwide is old news. Now that its popularity is growing across the globe, we want to start seeing collaborations with some of Western entertainment's hottest artists. It's already started a little bit (see: G-Dragon and Missy Elliot's number), but we've got some ideas for what we want to see next:

1) Ailee and Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is the unflinching rapper who's unafraid to piss people off. Ailee's the sultry newcomer who's bringing some edge and brassy pipes to the K-Pop scene.

The world needs the definitive feminist ballad from these women. We're thinking a bold, letting-the-beat-build power screed with equal parts rapping and bluesy belting. The ball's in your court, Ailee & Azealia.

2) Sam Smith and CL

We love Sam Smith's seductive performances and can't get enough of CL's funk and take-no-prisoners attitude. Together, they'd strike a great balance: transcendent lyrics + fierceness = a strikingly powerful anthem.

3) One Direction and Girls Generation  

To be frank, we're not sure why this hasn't happened already. In one corner, we've got the world's hottest underage harmonizers, and in the other we've got a tight flock of flirty entertainers. Come for the deep, cohesive sound that will come from the unified group; stay for the seemingly impossibly synchronized choreography.

4) Run the Jewels and Super Junior

For being relatively new on the scene, Run the Jewels has gotten quite a bit of hip hop buzz lately. Super Junior is also new to a certain audience - the Latin American crowd. The K-Pop group's MAMACITA has attracted new fans worldwide, especially the Spanish speaking fans who's wish for a group to seem closer to home finally came true.

Run the Jewels and Super Junior could do wonders by each adding a little Latin flair to their music. With some reggae or samba infused into a K-Pop/hip-hop mix, a single from this collaboration could ignite partiers in clubs worldwide.

5) J Rabbit and Kim Sungkyu

Korean pop music takes center stage in the country's entertainment industry, but there is a thriving indie scene in Korea that puts out some great music. J Rabbit, a female duo, is one of the most popular ones out there. Jung Da-Woon is the group's instrumentalist (she usually sticks to guitar or piano) and Jung Hye-Sun provides the sweet-sounding vocals. The two are known for their melodious covers and their pleasant, romantic original songs.

J Rabbit will bring the flirty pep and Kim Sungkyu will bring the croon. We can see these artists putting together a charming duet that would make the perfect backdrop to a fairytale K-drama montage.

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