Apple Inc. Eyes Launching Of Apple Pay In China, Reports Say

Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook is in China for a 4-day trip, and said in an interview with the state media there that the launching of Apple Pay in the country is on "top of the list " of the company, PCWorld reported.

On Monday Apple Pay was launched in the United States, The Apple pay allows consumers and Iphone users to use their phones to pay for purchases instead of credit cards.

The unveiling of the new payment scheme through the smartphones was in partnership with 220,000 locations.

The new Apple pay works on the new model of iPhones and iPads and not available with the old models. There are 10 million users of iPhone6 and 6Plus so far, based on media reports.

Xinhua News Agency quoted Cook as saying, " China is really a key market for us, everything we do, and we are going to work it here. Apple Pay is on top of the list."

Cook's trip included meeting with business partners and the tour of Foxconn factory, which manufactures the iPhone, and other products of Apple.

According to a press statement from Apple Inc. The new pay system is easy and secure and can be accessed through the use of Touch ID.

"Our team has worked incredibly hard to make Apple Pay private and secure, with the simplicity of a single touch of your finger," said Eddy Cue Apple's senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, in the statement published at the company's web site.

 Apple Pay supports credit and debit cards from the three major payment networks, American Express, MasterCard and Visa, issued by the top US banks.

Amazon also have signed up with Apple Pay and Yahoo News reported that soon the new product will be added to credit, debit cards and gift cards in the U.S.



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