Psy "Gangnam Style" Introduction on CNN and TIME Just the Beginning of Global Takeover

The viewing count for Psy's "Gangnam Style" music video is on the verge of reaching 40 million views already. Even the TIMES magazine featured a segment on Psy's "Gangnam Style." On the cover of the most recent issue of the TIMES magazine, Psy is introduced with the title, "If I didn't become a musician, I would have become a loser."

Out of all the Korean singers, idol groups and actors, nobody has ever gained this incredible amount of popularity overnight. Psy's "Gangnam Style" is already becoming a global movement. Statistics show that 50% of the people who have viewed the music video on YouTube were from Asia, 26% from North America, 16% from Europe and 3% for both South America and Oceania. What is the reason the whole world is zooming in on Psy and "Gangnam Style?" So far, it has been analyzed as the "comedic communication" that hit the jackpot after people began to feel cultural connections which eventually lead to acceptance and praise. The analysis of Psy's global overnight fame began from focusing on his name, "Psy."

Psy's song is based on the city of Gangnam, which is the heart of Korea's economy and culture. The music video is a parody of the materialistic and the pretentious culture that exists in Gangnam. In the music video, there is a scene where Psy is sitting on a toilet with his pants down as well as a scene where he is swimming in a public bathhouse with goggles on.

Although foreign viewers can't understand the lyrics, each and every viewer bursts out laughing after seeing the comical dance. In countless reaction videos on YouTube show the foreign fans absolutely loving the comical dance and even dancing along to his horse riding dance. Another factor behind its popularity is the electronic beats in the song, which was a smart move by Psy since electronic music is the hottest genre in North America and Europe right now.

A music critic commented, "With his unique appearance and the comical but simple dance steps, it is more than enough to bring laughter to any foreigner."

There is no other celebrity from Korea who gained such an immense amount of fame in such a short amount of time. A lot of credit must be given to social networking sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. If TV was the only way of promoting his music, Psy would have never gained this much fame with "Gangnam Style."

Even though Psy has never appeared on TV in the United States, his music video has received explosive amount of fame throughout the world via YouTube.

Back in 2010, Psy became a member of YG Family. YG Entertainment was one of the main reasons K-Pop became globally famous as it is now is the result of the successful promotional activities of idol groups like Big Bang and 2NE1. The positive impression of YG Entertainment that has been created throughout the years is believed to have taken part in the global acceptance of Psy and his music.

After all, the music video for "Gangnam Style" was released through the official Twitter and Facebook pages of YG Entertainment as well as YouTube.

The YG Entertainment office in New York should also be given credit for spreading Psy's viral movement with "Gangnam Style." The music critic previously mentioned above stated, "If the YG Entertainment staff in New York didn't have the experience dealing with American new media, Psy's music video may not have become famous as it is now. A lot of people are very curious as to what kind of moves Psy will make in the future with his music."

Meanwhile, Psy is in the United States to meet with Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepson for a possible collaboration for a remake of "Gangnam Style."

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