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K-Pop Crossover: 'Night Crawlers' Singer Jerico 'Of The Angels' DeAngelo Scares Up Some Halloween Hallyu Love [EXCLUSIVE]

By Tony Sokol | October 30, 2014 06:18 PM EDT


Jerico DeAngelo put a Halloween spell on the electronic dance music (EDM) charts, where he currently ranks number three in the New York City area. DeAngelo was a Goth staple in the city when he was known under his vampire punk persona Jerico Of The Angels.

The Grammy-nominated songwriter hasn't strayed too far from his horror music past. He released his new album, "Undead A Go-Go," at a party thrown by the mysterious occult order Temple House Sahjaza.

The vampy vocalist, whose new Halloween-inspired single "Night Crawlers" was released on Oct. 21, huddled with KpopStarz earlier this week for some exclusive musings on Hallyu for the holiday, which he hardly finds frightening at all.

"K-pop is what I call cute music," DeAngelo said.

"There are always cute faces like T-ara and 2NE1 and SHINee behind the songs. I can relate to the genre because it is mostly EDM pop that grew out of a fusion of many styles. It's what they call bubblegum music."

"My EDM music [also] grew out of a fusion of genres but the content is darker," he added. "I would be what they could call adult K-pop. The kind that comes with a warning."

Settling into the Halloween spirit, DeAngelo grew a bit darker while discussing the differences between his dance tracks and his guilty pleasure, K-pop.

"My choreography and productions have a little bit more room for spontaneity," he said, before referencing a common misperception about the genre.

"K-pop has a somewhat cookie cutter recipe that often starts by the South Korean government grooming these very talented kids from a very early age."

Still, the thoughtful but notoriously devious musician admitted that was something he admired.

"That is smart and it works as a business model," DeAngelo said. "Teens and pre-teens eat this stuff up. I don't fit myself into a mold that is a proven template that works."

But that's not an indictment from the artist, who really only wants to hear the music. DeAngelo even hopes to tour South Korea.

"I'm not saying my way is better than the K-pop movement. I love K-pop," he said. "I would love to play South Korea sometime and introduce them to my more organic style. It is on my wish list of things to do."

Watch the music video Jerico DeAngelo's Halloween-inspired track "Night Crawlers" RIGHT HERE

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