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Five Reasons Big Bang T.O.P Is One Of The Most Awesome K-Pop Idols

By Adrienne Stanley | November 04, 2014 07:21 AM EST


T.O.P (Choi Seung Hyun) of YG Entertainment’s male group Big Bang was born on November 4, 1987. T.O.P has captured the hearts of K-Pop fans throughout the world with his penetrating stare and deep timbre which is often duplicated by up-and-coming idols. He has developed into a strong actor with his recent film “Tazza: The Hidden Card” demonstrating the range of his acting ability and showing off his well-hidden abs.

Here are five reasons that T.O.P has become a favorite idol of K-Pop fans, in celebration of his birthday.

1. T.O.P recently transitioned from one of the most modest idols into the sexiest.

T.O.P received attention as one of the lone members of Big Bang who did not show off his abs or body. Under the tutelage of YG Entertainment’s trainer Hwangssabu, the members of Big Bang have some of the best bodies in K-Pop. But T.O.P kept his physique under wraps. That was until the release of his film “Tazza: The Hidden Card” which included shirtless shots of the Big Bang star. In addition to taking it off for “Tazza,” T.O.P delivered a substantial acting performance which drew the attention of critics throughout the world.

2. T.O.P rocked blue hair before Hatsune Miku made it cool.

J-Pop vocaloid Hatsune Miku has brought turquoise hair back into style but T.O.P made it hot, first. T.O.P’s blue hair paired with European-inspired militaristic fashion for the 2012 hit “Fantastic Baby” is one of the best concepts in K-Pop. Few artists pull off candy-colored hair as competently as T.O.P. He also maintains a strong presentation with natural hair coloring, demonstrating his ability to seamlessly segue through different looks.

3. He is one half of the best sub-units in K-Pop history, GD & TOP.

Although, G-Dragon has recently been pairing up with Taeyang, his collaboration with T.O.P continues to draw attention. The 2010 album “GD & TOP” featured “High High,” ‘Oh Yeah,” and “Turn It Up.” “GD & TOP” also demonstrated the potential that K-Pop could have when collaborating with American EDM artists through the incorporation of producer Diplo on the track “Knock Out.” Both the song and music video for “Knock Out” demonstrate the futuristic and unique complexity of K-Pop.

4. He is now considered one of the top acting idols.

The 2010 film “71: Into The Fire” gave audiences a taste of how T.O.P could extend past the television screen. T.O.P has since developed into a competent action star with his 2013 release “Commitment” drawing the attention of audiences in Korea. His performance in “Commitment” led T.O.P to win the Best Rookie award at the Busan International Film Awards in 2013. He delivers an acting performance which is even more captivating for “Tazza: The Hidden Card,” proving that T.O.P is more than just a pretty face.

5. T.O.P still has one of the strongest flows of any Korean rapper. 

T.O.P set the trend of including strong rappers in idol groups. T.O.P was a leader in speed and accuracy before Zico, Rap Monster, Bobby, or Mino entered the game. The strength and tone of his voice has been duplicated throughout male groups but he remains an innovator in K-Pop with songs like the 2013 hit “DOOM DADA” setting an example as one of the most creative releases in recent years.

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