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"Gangnam Style" Psy's 'Forced Overseas Promotion' is the Answer!

By Staff Writer | August 28, 2012 02:39 PM EDT


In a short span of time, rapper Psy's new song, "Gangnam Style" has hit over 60 million views on YouTube, appeared at a L.A. Dodgers major league baseball game, appeared on many U.S. TV shows, ranked number 2 on the Billboard YouTube chart and many more.

Awhile ago, Psy had seen himself on television and could not believe that he had already come back from L.A. It seems that everywhere you go it's about Psy. People like to refer this as 'forced overseas popularity', but to some they feel that his saying holds a bit of satire to it.

K-Pop has gone through much trial and error in trying to succeed in a foreign market. However, Psy has succeeded in a not so traditional way. Many wonder if his style and image is the way they wanted K-Pop to enter the foreign market. By looking at his music video, it does not seem that he had purposefully tried to make it big overseas.

There has also never been any news about Psy and his agency working for many years to succeed overseas. This is what is different about Psy from other idol stars. For someone who did not even imagine anything like this is suddenly a world star while idols who have put years of effort have not made it big overseas.

There is no way to 'force' a certain type of culture or music to another country. No matter how hard you work to do it, if the country does not find it useful or fun, they will not listen to it. However, people can 'force' a certain type of culture or music to be imported. 

Psy's sudden fame is quite like the drama "Winter Sonata" which became a huge hit in Japan and started the Hallyu wave. Korea made it the way they wanted and Japan just fell in love with it. Psy's new song was made for his Korean fans and that was it. However, after posting his music video on YouTube, the world was addicted to Psy.

This 'forced overseas promotion' is a normal way in terms of cultural exchanges.  If another country likes something we do, then we go overseas. K-Pop and all artists should continue to love what they do and if another country likes it, then overseas we go. No one should work or try to make themselves fit in order to be accepted by another country.

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