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'Music Bank' Highlights: BEAST Wins #1 On The November 7, 2014 Episode + Performance Recaps

By James B | November 08, 2014 11:40 AM EST


'Music Bank' is back once again and featured performances from some of your favorite K-Pop stars. Great stage settings and fan chants were all heard and seen yesterday.

The stars who made their comeback were Hello Venus as they are "Sticky Sticky" for their return.

Your nominees for the night were Epik High and BEAST as they battled for the first place trophy. The winner was BEAST for their single titled, "12:30." Congratulations to them!

This being all said, here are the performance recaps from yesterday.

Performance Recaps

Hello Venus


Hello Venus made their comeback and performed their new single titled, "Sticky Sticky" yesterday.

The members wore a blue colored sleeveless shirt and jeans for their performance. The choreography is simple and one that Hello Venus female fans can learn.



Super Junior M member Zhoumi performed flawlessly and sang with his soft vocals on 'Music Bank' yesterday. Zhoumi sang his new solo single titled, "Rewind." f(x)'s Amber keeps the boyish look as she wore a red suit for her rapping part.

The ladies love Zhoumi's single as they sang and repeated "Rewind" along with him.


Male ballad group 2AM performed their new single titled, "Over The Destiny" on 'Music Bank' yesterday.

2AM calmed the people's hearts with their soft vocals. The audience enjoyed their performance and screamed at the end. 2AM's single ranks number twenty-two this week.



BEAST moved smoothly as they performed their hit single titled, "12:30" on 'Music Bank' yesterday. Once again, BEAST performed perfectly and flawlessly to entertain the audience.

Hyunseung decided not to sing with the hand microphone. So he danced perfectly yesterday. The members dressed classy for their performance yesterday. Congratulations to BEAST on winning their fifth first place trophy.

Ji Eun


SECRET's Song Ji Eun is pretty at the age of "Twenty-Five" on 'Music Bank' yesterday.

Ji Eun's single ranks number twelve on the 'Music Bank' chart for this week. She wore a shiny light green colored short dress for her performance yesterday.



VIXX performed their futuristic concept single titled, "Error" yesterday. The members looked great as they wore a burgundy leather jacket and black colored leather pants. VIXX's single ranks number eighteen this week.



BTS had their goodbye stage performance on 'Music Bank' yesterday. The guys sang their single titled, "War of Hormone." Each of the members did a lot of facial expressions while they were performing.

The audience were entertained and screamed while they were performing. Viewers who watched their performance commented regarding Chimchim's behind getting kicked every time they perform.

One viewer whose YouTube name is meongtae commented, "Awwww.. poor chimchim's butt gets kicked and slapped every performance xD
and V has like,.. stopped taking his medicine when they started promoting war of hormone ಠ‿ಠ ."

Their single ranks number forty-nine on the 'Music Bank' chart for this week.



Boyfriend wore green colored contact lenses as they performed their Halloween concept single titled, "Witch" yesterday. The guys appeared and disappeared behind the red curtains and made the audience's body go boom yesterday.

The members wore a white and little gray colored coat and black pants for their performance yesterday.



UNIQ are bringing great music as they performed their single titled, "Falling In Love" on the music show yesterday. Once again, their performance was cut. With the time they had on stage, they did a great job of entertaining the audience.

Topp Dogg


Topp Dogg performed their old school hip hop single titled, "Annie" yesterday. Topp Dogg are doing a great job as they performed with energy to entertain the audience.

Topp Dogg are gaining new fans each week. The audience screamed while they were performing on the music show yesterday.



A.Cian performed their new single titled, "Ouch" yesterday. Due to them being an underrated male group, A.Cian's performance was cut.

The stage crew brought white strings so that it looks like a boxing ring when they did the fighting match on stage.

Mad Town


Mad Town yelled "YOLO"; which is an abbreviation that means 'You Only Live Once' on 'Music Bank' yesterday.

Mad Town are doing a great job with promotions because the audience are enjoying them perform each week.



LABOUM performed their new single titled, "What About You" yesterday. The members did a great job of moving like dolls on stage. The girls wore a cute white and green colored outfit. LABOUM are doing a good job each week.

One person named justwinthere commented, "The first time I heard this song it was meh but now i'm addicted to it! They are all so beautiful especially ZN and Yulhee!" Are you addicted to LABOUM's new song as well?

Strawberry Milk


Strawberry Milk performed their cute single titled, "OK" yesterday. Once again, ChoA and Way put a smile on the audience's faces. The identical twins wore a cute outfit for their performance.


Female group DELIGHT said do not leave them because they will "Hate You" if you do. The ladies repeat the chorus many times throughout their performance.

The message of their song is about them saying that they will hate the guy if he leaves.

Hong Jin Young


The beautiful miss Hong Jin Young wore an elegant black colored dress for her performance yesterday. Known for her trot style music, Hong Jin Young sang her slow ballad single titled, "Cheer Up."

With a beautiful singer and song, the audience were captivated yesterday. The camera person did an awesome job with the close ups while she performed.



HOTSHOT said "Take A Shot" on 'Music Bank' yesterday. The guys wore white colored outfits for their performance. HOTSHOT's performance was cut to less than three minutes long yesterday.



B.I.G asked the audience "Are You Ready" as they performed with lots of energy to entertain the audience yesterday. So, "Are You Ready" to dance along with B.I.G each week?

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