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'To the Beautiful You' Sulli Is a Girl Again, Minho Gets Anxious

August 29, 2012 06:00 PM EDT

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'To the Beautiful You' Sulli Is a Girl Again, Minho Gets Anxious

SBS drama "To the Beautiful You" f(x)'s Sulli showed off her utmost feminine side.

On the Wednesday episode of "To the Beautiful You," she will show off a surprise comeback to her original identity, leaving her male disguises behind.

Sulli returns to being a girl for the high school's festival and she, while pretending to be a boy, will don a girl's clothes and pretend to be a girl. She puts on a white mini skirt and a black see-through blouse. She gets on stage to sing a song, which will capture the hearts of the male students of her school. People are curious as to what led her to volunteer for the female disguise, proudly showing her true identity that she had been wanting to conceal for a long time. People are also wondering how SHINee's Minho, who knows her true identity, will react to this. 

This scene was filmed in a college auditorium on the 20th of August. Sulli appeared on set with a short skirt and a long hair wig and she seemed slightly excited and nervous to be back on set as a girl. The cast and crew were both excited to see her back in her element, showing off her good looks with makeup and short skirts.

That day, Sulli sang IU's "Peach," which also drew attention because IU wrote it herself and she said she was inspired by Sulli. The song choice is Sulli's own and people are wondering how she will be able to pull off IU's song.

The word is that Sulli has been a hard worker despite her very busy shooting schedule and she is constantly smiling and allowing the cast and crew to work comfortably and with energy.

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