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SBS 'Inkigayo' Round-up: BEAST Wins #1 On The November 9, 2014 Episode

By James B | November 10, 2014 07:25 AM EST


Another week of 'Inkigayo' is here again and featured performances from some of your favorite K-Pop stars. Great stage settings and fan chants were all heard and seen yesterday.

The stars who made their comeback were Hello Venus as they are "Sticky Sticky" and Hi.Ni with "Clutch Bag."

Your nominees for the night were BEAST, Ailee, and Epik High as they battled for the first place trophy. The winner was BEAST as they won their seventh first place trophy. Congratulations to them!

This being all said, here are the performance recaps from yesterday.

Performance Recaps

Hello Venus


Hello Venus made their hot comeback on 'Inkigayo' yesterday. Hello Venus received a warm welcome because the males in the audience fan chanted while they were performing. Hello Venus performed their sexy concept single titled, "Sticky Sticky."

Hello Venus is going to be having a competition because the beautiful ladies of AOA are making their comeback next week. So it will be a great match up between this two.



Hi.Ni performed her new single titled, "Clutch Bag" on the music show yesterday. Hi.Ni is going to be carrying a different colored "Clutch Bag" each time she performs on stage.

Hi.Ni carried a silver colored bag yesterday. She wore a nice red short dress for her performance. Hi.Ni's performance was cut yesterday.



Super Junior M member Zhoumi is doing a great job as his single titled, "Rewind" ranks number ten on the 'Inkigayo' chart for this week.

Zhoumi and his smile wowed the females while he performed yesterday. Once EXO's Chanyeol came out, the females screamed really loud. Two handsome guys on stage made the ladies happy yesterday.

Zhoumi is doing a great job as a solo artist. Super Junior's Kyuhyun makes his solo debut this upcoming week. Who is excited?



2AM performed their beautiful ballad single titled, "Over The Destiny." The guys wore a burgundy colored suit for their performance yesterday.

Jo Kwon's voice was better yesterday. One person named Doris Armijo commented, "Yey! Jo Kwon is better now, I could tell how worried the other members were. Glad, his voice is as beautiful as ever :)."

2AM's single ranks number fourteen this week.

Epik High


Epik High had a fabulous stage setting as they performed their cold single titled, "Happen Ending" yesterday. 2NE1's Minzy was featured with DJ Mathra and Tablo as she looked beautiful with her hair curled at the tip.

Epik High was in the running for first place; though came up short. Epik High once again had a perfect performance yesterday.

Yoon Hyun Sang & IU


Yoon Hyun Sang & IU performed their beautiful duet single titled, "When Would It Be" yesterday.

Yoon Hyun Sang showed his amazing talent when it comes to playing the piano. Along with this, he sang great with his vocals. IU wore a nice dress and sang with her amazing voice as well.

Their single ranks number six this week.



VIXX wore white colored suits as they performed their hit single titled, "Error." Their single ranks number nine this week.

Once again, VIXX performed flawlessly and entertained the audience. The audience wished Leo a Happy Birthday after their performance.



BEAST's hard work has payed off as they once again performed their hit single titled, "12:30."

BEAST is going to be missed because they ended promotions yesterday. Congratulations to BEAST as they won a total of seven first place trophies.

During their two weeks of promotion, BEAST did an excellent job of keeping the audience entertained.

Ji Eun


SECRET member Song Ji Eun is always smiling brightly as she performed her solo single titled, "Twenty-Five."

She wore another beautiful dress yesterday. The color of her dress that she wore was light blue. Ji Eun is doing great with promotions as she is not showing any fatigue.

Ji Eun's single ranks number twenty-one on the 'Inkigayo' chart this week. Out of all the dresses she has worn, which one is your favorite?

Hong Jin Young


The beautiful miss Hong Jin Young performed her ballad single titled, "Cheer Up" on the music show yesterday.

Each week that she performs, it gets better. The audience enjoyed watching her performance yesterday. Hong Jin Young wore a green colored long dress yesterday.



BTS were in full force as they ended the week with whatever energy was left yesterday. BTS performed their hip hop single titled, "War Of Hormone."

Fans are going to miss the rear slapping and kicking from BTS. The guys did a great job of entertaining the audience. One person named peacie21 commented, "i hope BTS wins with their next comeback. they definitely deserve it!! it was a good run boys <333 comeback soon!"

BTS and their energy is going to be missed. BTS fans are hoping to see them soon on stage after they regain their energy.



LABOUM performed their new single titled, "What About You" yesterday. Once again, they did a great job on moving like dolls.

What is your opinion regarding their performances each week? Do you like their music video or live performances?



New female group Purfles is definitely one to pay attention to as they performed their single titled, "1,2,3."

The ladies has a powerful choreography; which they are doing a good job of entertaining the audience. Each of the members has amazing vocals. Purfles does not perform like a rookie group; which they deserve to have a full performance each week.

One person named DwwwD commented, "This is a sick debut. Attractive members, not 10 of them so you can recognize them easily, strong vocals, catchy song and a powerful dance. Don't cut their performance please they deserve a full one considering how good they are. Looking forward to more songs from them!"

The members wore see-through outfits for their performance yesterday. Purfles should be hitting the charts if they are signed with a huge agency because this group is good.



A.Cian had a full performance as they performed their fighting concept single titled, "Ouch." The guys are doing a good job as they are throwing air punches at one another. A.Cian did a good job with promotions this week.



Boyfriend once again made their fans' body go boom again as they performed their single titled, "Witch." The guys wore outfits that had a cape yesterday.

All of Boyfriend's performances has been great. Next week, the guys will be ending their promotions after wowing the audience with their amazing stage props. Boyfriend's single ranks number twenty-nine this week.

Mad Town


Mad Town once again yelled "YOLO" on 'Inkigayo' yesterday. The guys are keeping their momentum up as they had lots of energy for their performance. Mad Town's performance was cut to less than three minutes long.



Almeng performed their second single titled, "Half An Hour" yesterday. They are a great duo group; which the audience enjoyed watching their performance.

Almeng showed their amazing vocals and rapping skills to entertain the audience. What is your opinion regarding Almeng?



B.I.G performed their new single titled, "Are You Ready" on the music show yesterday. The guys are getting popular each time they make their comeback.

B.I.G did a great job when they promoted their previous single titled, "Hello." The guys did a great job of keeping the audience entertained.

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