MacBook Air Retina Display Release Date: 4 Things To Expect From Apple's Ultra-Portable Laptop

Everyone was waiting for the MacBook Air Retina Display release date this year, but it never came. However, MacBook fans should not be disappointed just yet, as Apple may be looking to provide vast improvements to its upcoming ultraportable laptop. 

According to previous reports from Digital Trends, there may be a number of changes which the new MacBook Air for 2015 would get. 

Here are some rumored features which could arrive on the MacBook Air next year:

1. An even thinner design with fanless chipset

The refreshed edition of the MacBook Air for 2014 included some minor tweaks that improved overall performance. However, we'd expect a drastic change for next year's Apple ultrabook. According to reports, one reason that Apple did not release it this year is because it is waiting for Intel's Broadwell chipset which does not have any fans. Once this chip is included in the Air, it may become much thinner because of the absence of the fans. 

2. Finally, the Retina display

Since Apple launched the iPad with Retina display, a lot of people have been demanding the screen tech to arrive to the MacBook Air. Finally, that technology may finally be included with next year's version, although we should all expect a spike in the retail costs for the ultrabook.

3. Better integration for iOS-powered devices

OS X Yosemite has included a number of cool features which makes switching between the iPhone and MacBook, or iPad and MacBook almost seamless. Of course, it is still a long way to go before Apple perfects this technology. But since there are no new MacBooks released this year, the first one coming out next year would surely be more optimized to run the latest OS X version.

4. An even better battery life

Time and again, Intel has done a brilliant job in making power efficient chipsets for the past couple of years. Haswell was a big leap forward, increasing battery life by almost 100 percent on som devices. Apple will certainly use the new Broadwell chip to make the MacBook Air more power conserving than ever before.

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