Daniel Choi, "I Followed Around a Taken Girl For 6 Months and Succeeded"

Actor Daniel Choi revealed his passionate love story.

In SBS TV talk show "GO Show" aired today, Daniel talked about his past love stories.

Daniel revealed that he is someone who passionately confesses to the girl he likes. He has even done so to a girl who already had a boyfriend.

He stated, "I followed a girl who already had a boyfriend for 6 months in college. The whole school knew about it. And after those 6 months, I ended up going out with her."

The technique that Daniel used to gain her heart was hugging. He said, "I asked her to go on a walk with me on a day when there was a lot of fog. While walking in good lighting, I hugged her and confessed my feelings to her." His first confession was a failure.

The girl wanted to go to a theme park for summer vacation, but the girl and Daniel lived far away from each other. Daniel said, "I bought the theme park tickets and took the train early in the morning to go where she lives. I waited in front of her house. When she got off the elevator, I hugged her from the back."

Daniel and the girl enjoyed their date until late at night at the theme park, and when it became too late to find public transportation, they went to a spa. He confessed once again at the spa, and she accepted him.

Photo Credit: SBS

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