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Will There Be A ‘Hocus Pocus’ Sequel? Bette Midler Says She And The Other Sanderson Sisters Are On Board!

By Ashley Griggs | November 12, 2014 08:48 PM EST


Could a "Hocus Pocus" sequel really be happening?

During a recent Reddit AMA, Bette Midler revealed that she is definitely interested in starring in "Hocus Pocus 2." And according to the actress, all three of the Sanderson sisters are ready for a sequel.

"You have to go to send in your cards to the Walt Disney company," said Midler when asked by a fan on Reddit if there would be a sequel to the classic Halloween film. "The ball's in their court."

Midler was overwhelmed by an outpour of love for "Hocus Pocus" during her interview. Devotees of the 1993 movie couldn't help but gush about how the bewitching story has become a vital part of their Halloween traditions.

The 68-year-old actress, who did the Reddit interview to promote her new covers album "It's the Girls," indicated that Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy are also interested in becoming the Sanderson sisters once again on film.

"Inundate the Disney company, because I have canvassed the girls and they are wiling to do it, but we have no say in it, so if you want a HOCUS POCUS 2, ask the Walt Disney company," Midler urged fans at the end of the interview. "You have been SO adorable. This has been most enlightening. SISTAHS!"

Najimy, who played delightfully clueless Mary in the film, soon released a statement (via the Huffington Post) about the potential follow-up.

"I have read Bette's quote and I agree. The outpouring of love from Hocus-ites has been astounding," wrote Najimy. "The creativity of their Sanderson sisters costumes, posters, artwork, T-shirts, statues, TV stills, photos, compliments and line quotes have blown up social media and I want them to know.. We see and appreciate it all. When a film is being shot, you never quite know the impact.. If it'll be a hit or a miss, and..with this one...we hear y'all loud and clear! A sequel is totally in The Disney company's hands-- And it will be exciting to see what transpires!"

Parker's rep stated that the "Sex and the City" actress is out of the country on a film shoot and unable to comment on the matter at this time.

However, Parker tweeted a photo of a T-shirt from her new fashion line, SJP Collection, on Halloween that was clearly created in honor of the glory that is "Hocus Pocus."  

"Even in Rome, its Halloween! Thanks to ‪@mySJPcollection," Parker captioned the pic.

So, we're going to take that as confirmation that SJP is on board.

Now, as the Sanderson sisters have said, the ball's in your court Disney! 

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