MBLAQ's Upcoming Release May Be Last With Original Five Members

Little is known about MBLAQ's next project, other than the release date. News comes a few weeks after two members revealed they had not yet renewed their contracts with J.Tune Camp. 

MBLAQ will be releasing new music on November 25 with all five members, according to official social media accounts.

On November 18, MBLAQ's agency, J.Tune Camp, shared teaser pictures on social media making the announcement. MBLAQ recently made headlines when it was revealed that two of the members, Lee Joon and Thunder, had not renewed their contracts with the group's record label, J.Tune Camp.

If all five members do not renew their contracts with J.Tune Camp by the time they expire, it is a possibility that this will be the last album with all five original members of the group- Lee Joon, Mir, Seungho, G.O, and Thunder.

The teaser depicted the bodies of the five MBLAQ members, and noted the release date of an upcoming project.

The picture gave no details as to what MBLAQ would be releasing on November 25, but it is likely a seventh mini album. There are reports that it will contain ballad songs composed by the MBLAQ members themselves.

The mysterious image showed the lower halves of MBLAQ's bodies, and then their reflected, distorted bodies in a puddle at their feet.

The image said "MBLAQ7 : 2014.11.25 Release", without any further details. 

In October, rumors revealed that Lee Joon and Thunder had not resigned with the label. In November, Lee Joon spoke about the situation, and emphasized that nothing had been confirmed on his end. There have been few updates about Thunder's position with J.Tune Camp.

G.O., Mir, and Seungho are all said to have renewed their contracts. After the news reported Lee Joon and Thunder's possible departures from MBLAQ, G.O published emotional tweets about trust and selfishness; J.Tune Camp explained that he was disappointed, but that there was no internal dispute amongs the members that would make their upcoming activities awkward.

MBLAQ will be holding its fifth anniversary concert Curtain Call on November 29 and 30 in Seoul, and it is unclear whether that concert will be the last time that all five members will appear on stage together.

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