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'To the Beautiful You' Sulli, Minho, Hyun Woo Reading Scripts

September 11, 2012 02:41 AM EDT

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"To the Beautiful You" Sulli, Minho, and Lee Hyun Woo were spotted engrossed in their scripts.

The cast of "To the Beautiful You" are showing off great teamwork at the moment and finishing their shoots with minimal bad takes. This recent photo release shows the three main stars hard at work, memorizing their lines meticulously, drawing the attention of the fans.

The three lead actors are always seen with their scripts anywhere they go and they're constantly reading and re-reading their lines, showing the amount of passion they have for their project. The three of them make a simple on-set photo look like a photoshoot and their sheer energy is palpable.

Choi Minho and Lee Hyun Woo have been on a rival grid and though the two maybe on opposite sides in the drama, on set, they are both actors working together. The two of them are looking at the script together in scenes that they are in together and are working really hard to pull off the best scene possible. 

Minho is currently putting all his effort to making sure he has chemistry with Sulli and they are said to always be discussing their characters and the new scenes that they will be filming. They're not hesitating to ask the crew for advice and help on how best to film the scene.

Director Chun Ki Sang are always engaged in a discussion with his actors and monitoring their performance. 

The production company said, "It's physically challenging for everyone to continue a shoot that is almost everyday but their passion is making it all worth and they're acting wonderfully. They are trying their best despite the fact that it may be taking a toll on them physically and mentally."

On the 8th episode, which aired last week, Jae Hee experiences physical discomfort that came from binding her breasts. An emergency situation was created and fans are wondering how it will affect her experience at the school and her romance with Tae Jun which was just getting started. 

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