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'Haeundae Lovers' Kim Kang Woo Watches Jo Yeo Jeong In Bath

September 11, 2012 05:08 PM EDT

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'Haeundae Lovers' Kim Kang Woo Watches Jo Yeo Jeong In Bath

Tae Sung has a dark side.

On the Monday episode of KBS "Haeundae Lovers" Tae Sung (Kim Kang Woo) was shown to be lusting after his love So Ra (Jo Yeo Jeong). 

The two of them end up stranded on a deserted island and barely escape. After only one day of being stranded, she finds herself filthy and gets into a bath. 

However, soon enough, Tae Sung opens the door and holds out a wine glass, suggesting that she drink it. She makes a frustrated face and yells at him to leave the bathroom. However, he does not falter and says, "Do you want to put wine in the water? It's supposed to be good for your skin!"

So Ra throws towels at him and gets him to retreat. However, he soon comes back with a rose in his mouth and says if she would like rose petals on her bath as well. He adds, "I think it'd be nice if we could do it together," fully revealing his intentions, making viewers laugh.

Though So Ra is pushing him away, she was spotted smiling at his jokes and playfulness. 

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