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'Running Man' Cast Gives Fans A Taste Of Variety TV During Fan Meeting In Malaysia

By iReporter Malaysia | November 21, 2014 07:39 AM EST


No event or fan meeting captures the excitement of the Halyu (Korean wave) fans quite like Running Man. With a concept of 'sports variety', where the Running Man members and their guests race against time while competing each other in order to complete a mission-make it a unique point to drawn-in fans to stay in front of their television for one hour of the show.

Therefore, the 'Race Start Season 2 in Malaysia Running Man Fan meeting', which brought five of the members to Kuala Lumpur for the first time, was one for the calendar. There were star performances, non-stop laughing, fun games sessions and energetic finishes. Here, we'll recap the fan meeting from beginning-when almost 2500 fans cheered for the members as they kick off the show, held on November 1st.

Song festival

Serenading the fans with beautiful ballad 'My Destiny' from the OST of My Love from the Star, all five members; Ji Suk Jin, HAHA, Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jong Koon and Lee Kwang Soo surprised the fans with their harmonisation and individual singing styles.

On this special night, forget how HAHA and Kwang Soo always betrayed their team during the show, or how Sparta-Kook and Ji Hyo commanding each game, or how Ji Suk Jin always be the one who were ousted from the race. Instead the stage is like a 'buffet', seemingly never-ending selection of high quality singing performances from all the members. Ji Suk Jin led the 'song festival' with his own rendition of Stevie Wonder, Isn't She Lovely. This followed by Lee Kwang Soo who handsomely dressed in white suit, turning himself into a romantic boyfriend who longing for his beloved; he showcased his piano skills while singing to Kim Bum Soo, I Miss You.

Throwing away his 'Sparta' image, Kim Jong Kook transformed into the man of every ladies dream, as he sang his hit song, One Man followed by Maroon 5, Sunday Morning. Being the only 'flower' among all the swarm 'bees' in Running Man, Song Ji Hyo have something special installed for the fans. She took the center stage and performed A Scent of Flower taken from the OST of the Emergency Couple, a drama which she acted in. She was later joined by HAHA and Kim Jong Kook (who were wearing mask of Gary's face) when performing LeeSSang's own Turn off the TV.

The party continued and it's time for some reggae when HAHA stood in front of the loud roaring audience performing his ala 'Marley' song, Rosa and Busan Vacance. The highlight for this song festival definitely a duo performace by the 'Easy brothers', Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin performing a parody of Troublemaker as Kwangsoo cross-dressed as Hyuna by wearing a bright pink dress while Ji Suk Jin dressed in bomber jacket and white wig, in resemblance of Hyunseung.

Get the party started!

What is Running Man without the crazy and fun games being played, right? This special fan meeting was no exception as 23 lucky fans were chosen to experience once in a lifetime opportunity to be on stage and to interact with the Running Man members during the game sessions.

Hail Queen Ji Hyo- Song Ji Hyo being the only female Running Man member, proven that she was indeed the 'Ace' when she performed a total of 70 push-up by herself.

Penalty game- Lee Kwangsoo's luck in playing games seems like always running away from him and this time he needs to eat a pepero with a fan. Unfortunately, the fan who were chosen to perform this 'punishment' was a young girl and the rule of the punishment was changed to a photo session instead. However, Kwang Soo still performed the punishment, only to do it with Kim Jong Kook. Being a witty casts on television, as both Jong Kook and Kwang Soo were performing the punishment while eating the pepero, the other members playfully pushed their head and accidentally their lips touched. Oops! That LIVE scene surely received the loudest roar and screamed from the audience that night.

Pushing the butt- This game required the players to simultaneously push their back against each other and quickly grabbed a toy hammer and hit their opponent. One of the funny moment was definitely during Jong Kook's turn. He was supposedly to win the game, but the fan who was his opponent was quick to grab the toy hammer and hit him. Seeing Jong Kook being hit was like a Christmas gift for the other Running Man's members and they did not want to lose this opportunity and playfully joined the fan on hitting Jong Kook; definitely ensured approving cheers from the audience.

Variety of fun games were played which surely left beautiful memories for the fans who participated especially and for the audience, as they finally witnessed these 'running men (and woman)' in real life; on how playful, witty and fun they were, exactly like on the tv.

Mission accomplished

This special evening with Running Man members was definitely an unforgettable moment for the fans. How about the members themselves? What were their feeling to be able to engage and interact with their fans beyond the TV screen? HAHA thanked the fans for the great reception and playfully exclaimed that everyone is 'sangat lawa' (so pretty), while Song Ji Hyo stated that she was very happy on her maiden visit to Malaysia, and she was glad that finally she was here. Ji Suk Jin added 'Aku Cinta Padamu' (I Love You) and caused another loud uproar from the fans and they were being cheered and applauded for their efforts to learn the Malay language. Before bidding their goodbye, the Running Man members presented Lovable and 2PM's Hands Up as a farewell gift to commemorate this special fan meeting. This was not the beginning of the end of the fan meeting as the members promised that they will come back to Malaysia in the future.

Special thanks to ONETVASIA (ONEHD) & Roots Asia Pacific for the invitation to Kpopstarz!

Written by: Ain Osman | Contributor: Amalina A. | Photo credits: ONE HD

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