Manny Pacquiao The Newest Addition To 'Expendables' 4 Cast Member? Arnold Schwarzenegger & Sylvester Stallone Courting 'The Filipino Champ?'

Are you ready for this? Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, the eight division boxing title holder, who had just won a fight against American boxer Chris Algieri is reportedly recruited in the cast for the upcoming "Expendables 4" movie. 

According to Youth Health Magazine's online publication, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone who came to watch the boxing match and support Algieri in Macau, were able to recruit the "Filipino Champ" in the upcoming sequel after coming over to Pacquiao's locker room before the fight started.

Unfortunately for the duo though, Algieri loss by unanimous decision and had to incur six knock downs from the eight-division boxing champ.

If everything goes smoothly as planned, fans could see Pacquiao and WWE superstar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in one film. 

It's no secret how Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson brings life to any dying movie franchise every time he comes in and takes over. (The Fast & Furious/G.I. Joe) 

During his amusing AMA, the famous WWE wrestler turned actor told a fan who asked him if he's interested in an "Expendables" movie, he enthusiastically answered:

"I don't want to be on their team and be buddies with them. F**k that noise. I want to hunt every single one of them down and tell them to "send your soul to heaven cause your ass is mine," hinting screenwriters how he wanted to be written in the story.

Johnson then added that he would want to keep two Expendables members, Terry Crews who'll be his "pec popping contest" opponent and Rhonda Rousey to become his "training partner."

Meanwhile, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson had a surprised visitor from the thread when he was asked if who would win between Conan The Barbarian and Hercules in a fight.

"Expendables 4" lead cast Arnold Schwarzenegger butts in saying:

"I would love to do a movie with Dwayne - the Oak and the Rock - it couldn't be more perfect. Anyway, congratulations Dwayne. The movie looks fantastic and I can tell you know what's best in life. Let's get together soon and share sword stories."

To which Johnson promptly replied:

"Awesome, look forward to swappin' sword stories."

In addition, Antonio Banderas had previously hinted that "Expendables 4" is indeed going to happen.

"I ran into him in a parking lot a couple of years ago, believe it or not. We did Assassins and we kept ourselves in contact. We became friends because we had a great time doing that movie with Dick Donner. He said to me, 'Man, you have to come and you have to do something.' And I said, 'Just write something for me, but I don't wanna do a villain.' He said, 'You don't wanna do a villain?' I said, 'I don't want to just be dead and have you guys laughing at me in number 4. I wanna be a good guy,'" the "Zorro" star recounted how he ended up co-starring in Sylvester Stallone's film.

Are you excited to see Manny Pacquiao as one of the cast in "Expendables 4" movie? Sound off in the comments section below.

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