MBLAQ Release Individual Member Teasers For 'Winter' Comeback

MBLAQ has released the member teaser images for the group's seventh mini album "Winter."

The photos are beauty close-ups of the members that accentuate their profiles. All five idols stare somberly in different directions, avoiding eye-contact with the camera purposefully. It appears the group's concept follows the same dark and refined aesthetic used for their previous "Broken" comeback.

The members' elegant wardrobe includes wool turtlenecks, simple suits, and a distinct infinite scarf draped around Lee Joon's shoulders. Seungho and Cheongdung have dyed their hair an auburn brown; G.O. has surprised fans by returning to the scruffy goatee he debuted with; and Lee Joon and Mir are keeping their natural black hair color.

Although it is still unknown whether the group will continue together after this new comeback, MBLAQ has made the production of the new album very personal. The album contains ballad tracks that the members helped compose, arrange, and write. The members have no plans to promote the album in music programs for the time being.

"Winter" is set to be released on November 25.


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