Child Star Kim Yoo Jung Spreads Smiles With Her 'Happy' Song For Charity

On November 23, Kim Yoo Jung released the music video for her song "Happy," after releasing her digital single last week. The music video features Kim Yoo Jung singing her melodic and upbeat song while also showing a back story.

This song was a collaboration between 15-year-old Kim Yoo Jung and the Korea Volunteer Center as they were both trying to share the message that volunteerring can help many people one interacts with on a daily basis.

The music video portrays a young girl who is in a rush to attend an event, presumably a volunteer event; however, along the way she runs into many people who need help. Instead of ignoring the people on the street, she finds time to help a grandma walk up the stairs, pick up the fruits and vegetables dropped on the ground for the woman with the heavy shopping bag, helps drag a wagon up a hill for a man, and helps a lost foreigner find his way.

At the end she meets up with her boyfriend at the volunteering event, showing that although she had plans, she stopped to help the citizens. The message of the video can reveal to the viewers that helping others in need can bring happiness and no matter how busy we are we should always be willing to lend a helping hand.

Kim Yoo Jung has receieved tremendous praise for her acting abilities in recent years. In March, she drew the attention of audiences in the U.S. when the KoreaAM Journal published a feature stating the young star "was born to act."

Acting since the age of five, Kim Yoo Jung has appeared in 17 films, 27 television dramas, and one web series.  Most recently she starred as the young Seo Ji Dam in the SBS drama Secret Door which premiered in September.

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