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'Arang and Magistrate' Shin Min Ah Looks Beautiful In Traditional Korean Outfit

September 18, 2012 06:35 PM EDT

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'Arang and Magistrate' Shin Min Ah Looks Beautiful In Traditional Korean Outfit / Credit: MBC

MBC's "Arang and Magistrate" Shin Min Ah is dominating the love of viewers with her traditional Korean outfit look and her stable acting.

Shin Min Ah plays Arang, a lady ghost who fights to understand why she had to face an untimely and unjust death.

In order to survive as a ghost, she must fight against more vicious ghosts and she isn't afraid to get physical. She has been seen really getting into the action sequences and sacrificing her original image and her body to portray the role.

This is her first attempt at a historical drama and unlike other actresses in historical movies she has been mostly seen in dirty outfits, which is the complete opposite of the norm.

She's not the elegant and beautiful female characters we've seen before but as she toils around in the mud with ghosts, she has become a lovable and cute ghost.

She has only worn 5 different traditional outfits in the 10 episodes that have aired so far and due to the nature of her character it's hard to find outfits that remain clean and neat. Most of them are covered in blood, dirt or ripped and torn apart. 

One crew member of the costume department said, "It's incredibly hard for an actress to put on many outfits at once, let alone film in them and throw her body around enough to get them dirty. But Shin Min Ah has been pulling off the really dirty look as well and yet not losing her femininity."

Shin Min Ah has given up her normal fashionista image for the drama but she seems just as pretty as she does in the television commercials. She is adding her special healthy and lovely look to the character, which makes her even more unique.

In the most recent episode, Arang is given a new set of clothes by Joo Wal and Eun Oh and viewers wonder if they will be able to see Arang in a clean set of clothes this time.

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