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U.S. Local, "I'm Thankful to the 'Psy Syndrome'"

September 19, 2012 03:54 PM EDT

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U.S. Local, "I'm Thankful to the 'Psy Syndrome'" / Credit: d

A U.S. local wrote a message thanking Psy for the 'Psy Syndrome'.

Psy wrote on his twitter, "A message that I am thankful for and that gives me strength...Psy syndrome," along with a picture. In the picture, a message written by a Korean American about how thankful they were about the 'Psy Syndrome' was revealed.

This local expressed their thanks to Psy in that people looked at them differently now. Their store has also gained many customers due to Psy's popularity. 

Internet users commented, "The Psy Syndrome is amazing" and "Many Koreans must be proud."

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