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Ali Makes Public Apology "I apologize to Nayoung and her family, all albums will be collected and discarded"

By newsen | December 14, 2011 02:56 PM EST


Ali publicly apologized to Nayoung and her family.

Netizens responded to Ali's apology with, "Just like Ali said, the fact that the motive for the song was misconveyed was her fault", "If you had thought about the scar that Nayoung received, you would've thought twice about it", and "Even if the motive was good, the lyrics were definitely controversial. It's unfortunate."

They also wrote their opinions like, "Through the recent Immortal Song, you've risen up a bit, so I hope to see you come back with great music" and "We hope to see you make good music, and we hope there won't be mistakes like the Nayoung controversy."

Ali, whose recent album release included the controversial song 'Nayoung-ee', publicly apologized to Nayoung and her parents and announced her position on the matter.

On December 14, Ali made the statement, "First, I would like to sincerely apologize to Nayoung (false name) and Nayoung's parents. No matter what my motive was, when I think about how this incident must have opened up healing scars, my heart aches and I feel so sorry.

Ali recently gained popularity as a rising female vocalist by appearing in KBS 2TV's 'Freedom Saturday-Immortal Song 2'(IS2). 'Nayoung' is a song in her first full-length album 'SOUL-RI: The Village with Soul' (this is the first since debuting 2 years ago).

The matter of controversy is the child sex abuse incident, also called the 'Cho Doo-Soon Indicent', which occurred in December 2008 in Kyung-gi-do, Ansan city, Dan-won-gu, where Cho Doo-soon raped and assaulted 8 year-old Nayoung in a church restroom. At the time, this created a huge uproar within the society.

Ali made the song with the thought of giving comfort to the victim, Nayoung, and wrote the lyrics herself.

However, some Netizens pointed out the lyrics, 'threw away youth/sold your body sold your soul/poor life was taken away' saying that it does not contribute to the goal that he had of comforting Nayoung.

The incident is called the "Cho Doo-soon Incident" instead of the "Nayoung Incident" to hopefully limit the potential for further scars as Nayoung grows up. While that is the case, Netizens brought up the issue that Ali did the exact opposite by using the straightforward title, 'Nayoung' maybe to exploit the issue.

Ali explained her motives and thoughts behind the song saying, "While preparing the album, 'Nayoung' was the song that I was most fond of, yet it was also the song I was most cautious with. I wanted to incorporate the dark side of society that isn't always conspicuous, and I put in the lyrics 'trust your mind' because wanted to give Nayoung the message to always trust in herself and never lose hope.

Ali went on to say, "The lyrics that many people reprimanded me for, 'threw away youth/sold your body sold your soul/poor life was taken away', were directed, not at the victim, but at the attacker to criticize his shamless characther. The fact that I was not able to convey that meaning properly, means that I - as the creator - made an error. However, I sincerely ask everyone to understand that I did not write that while thinking of the victim."

In conclusion, Ali stated, "To all those who love Nayoung (false name), Nayoung's parents, me, and my music: I bow my head and apologize again for causing this chaos with my childish actions. Through this incident, I have learned a lot. I will take the reprimands and teachings to heart and continue to mature and improve. I will strive to only make good music for all to listen to. Thank you."

Ali's recording company Trophy Entertainment made the statement, "We apologize for causing this unfavorable incident. In regard to this, on December 15, we will delete the song 'Nayoung' from all online music sites and on the 14th we will collect and discard all online albums containing the song 'Nayoung'.

Previously, Ali told NewsEN during an interview regarding 'Nayoung', "it was a very suggestive song that I wrote as soon as I heard about Nayoung's incident... I hope that Nayoung can trust in herself and continue to live."

She added, "My voice is very rough and dark in color. There may be some misunderstanding with the musical color, but I would really like her to see my message to courageously trust in herself and live."

Ali especially explained, "Although life in general is like that, I wanted to show through this album that even as someone in her 20s, I also consider suggestive topics. I wanted to make the statement that we need to have interest in society as a whole and not just in things that affect our emotions."

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