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'To the Beautiful You' Kim Ji Won Lets Minho Go?

September 20, 2012 03:06 AM EDT

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Kim Ji Won decides to let Minho go after suffering an injury. 

On the Wednesday episode of "To the Beautiful You," gymnast Sul Hanna cries after suffering a very critical injury to her ankle.

At this point, she had announced on live television that she was dating Tae Jun (Minho) in order to draw him away from Jae Hee (Sulli), after realizing that Jae Hee was indeed a girl. Both Hanna and Tae Jun were nervous as to how the other one would act but just then, Hanna sprains her ankle, jeopardizing her entire career. 

Hanna tells Tae Jun that if he is to leave her too, at this state, she wouldn't be able to stand it. However, she sees that Tae Jun still misses Jae Hee and decides to let him go.

She says, "I'm kind of sick of you now. It pisses me off trying to chase someone who doesn't like me back. I really liked you when you won the gold medal and stuff but it doesn't seem like you're good at it anymore. Sorry, I think I'll move on," trying to push him away with harsh words. 

She continued, "I'm the kind of girl that can do better so I'm not going to chase you around any more." Even as she said this, she was tearing up, clearing indicating that she was lying to let him go.

As she decides to let Tae Jun go, Eun Kyul finally worked up the courage to tell Jae Hee how he feels about her.

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