MBLAQ Members Comfort Concert-Goers Through Tears Ahead Of Final Contract Negotiations

The members of K-Pop boy band MBLAQ burst into tears during their Curtain Call concert this weekend as the future of the group remains unclear. 

On November 29, MBLAQ held their concert "MBLAQ CURTAIN CALL" in Seoul. This was the first time they stood in front of their fans after the breakup rumors broke loose in October as member Lee Joon decided to leave the group.

With one song left of the concert, the members held a time to speak with the fans. But the members could not speak because of the tears that were flowing.

MBLAQ said, "We didn't know 5 years would pass by so quickly."

Leader Seungho held up the mic first but could not continue because of the tears.

Mir also teared up and said, "This isn't the end and that's not how we see this but I'm so heart-broken that that's how this situation appears to be to people. We wanted to say things with our own mouths but because it's a sensitive topic, we couldn't bring it up easily. We tried our best to keep our team together. You probably worried a lot too and wanted to hear many things and we're sorry for not telling you. We will not end here. If we gather as one and not worry, it will all work out."

G.O said, "I think I'll be happy until today. I don't want tomorrow to come."

Lee Joon's voice also shook. He said, "There are people who loved us from the very beginning and those who didn't but we are all here together in one place, tearing up together, and I am so honored to be here. Thank you for always being on our side from 2009 to 2014. I will always be thankful."

Thunder said, "It's hard even for friends and family to always be supportive but you have given us so much the past 5 years and we tried our best to repay that love. I hope I could continue to see you."

Seungho then thanked his fans and burst into tears again.

Seeing this, fans yelled "Don't cry" and "We love you" and many fans also burst into tears.

MBLAQ has one concert left on November 30.

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