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Review: Playa Craft A Top-Notch Pop Song On The Irresistibly Catchy 'Like A Movie' [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | December 03, 2014 09:52 PM EST


If you're a music reviewer, a lot of the job is being a more advanced version of an Amazon spambot. If you like this, you'll love that. If you think this is good, try this.

And though it is a reasonable request for any reader to have a framework to put the song or album under observation into, there are some occasions as with "Like A Movie," the new single from Playa released last week, where you just want to shut up and tell people to check something out on simple blind faith alone.

I could tell you that this South Morean girl group has shades of the 1990s-era work from female-fronted pop rock bands like No Doubt or The Cardigans. Or that "Like A Movie" has the playful vocal inflections of trailblazing K-popper Lee Hyori and it would be true.

But it would be ignoring one simple fact.

For any artist to become great, they must transcend their influences and create something that there is no proper comparison for. That is the best thing you can say about any song and it's true of Playa's "Like A Movie."

There is something unique within this sound.

Hearing a well-constructed pop song is the aural equivalent of walking around in a well constructed home. The support beams are all in the right places and the symmetrical nature of each room bears the mark of true craftsmanship.

The musicians on "Like A Movie" are a large part of this symmetrical sound, supporting Playa's vocals beautifully, as they offer up powerful performances delivered with confidence and poise.

It is nice to hear a pop production where the band, the backing musicians, the songwriter and producer all seem to be in sync. Considering that in K-pop this type of behind-the-scenes team can often fill a room (if not a small concert hall), the cohesion of "Like A Movie" is impressive to say the least.

But forget all that and just listen to the music. Most things are better if you just ignore the noise and form your own opinions anyway.

You might just find yourself forming some strong feelings about Playa.

Listen to "Like A Movie," the new single from the South Korean act Playa RIGHT HERE

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