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'The 3rd Hospital' Kim Min Jung Behind the Camera Love Triangle

September 26, 2012 01:14 AM EDT

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"The 3rd Hospital" love triangle was documented even when the camera was off.

tvN drama "The 3rd Hospital" released behind-the-scenes still-cuts of the three lead actors, Kim Seung Woo, Oh Ji Ho and Kim Min Jung. 

In the pictures, Kim Min Jung was seen happily talking to Kim Seung Woo and making some light physical contact while practicing blocking for the scene that they would film together. 

With Oh Ji Ho, they were seen shoulder-to-shoulder as they monitored their performance and almost gave off an air of real lovers, which was very different from what they were portraying on screen. 

In the drama, Kim Seung Woo and Oh Ji Ho play brothers who are at opposite ends of their medicine field and currently competing against each other in their line of work and perhaps, in love as well. 

Neurology resident Kim Min Jung is caught between the two and is going back and forth between the two sides of medicine, conflicted as to where she should place her loyalty. 

A production insider said, "The three actors are always on set and very happy working together. They will really start to shine in their own characters as they set themselves apart and they will slowly become more honest about their feelings. One of the really interesting things to see will be how they will stumble through the conflicts between eastern and western medicine and how that affects their relationships."

"The 3rd Hospital" airs every Wednesday and Thursday. 

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